21st Century Learning – PD Session 2 (3.11.2014)

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Session Title: Digging Into 21st Century Learning Skills

Timeframe: 25 minutes (more if you get hooked)

Module Objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Learn about strategies and suggestions for improving and implementing one of the Four C’s (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication & Creativity) into your daily instruction.
    Objective 2 – Integrate one of the Four C’s into your instruction within the next week.

Learning Activities:

1) Select: Choose one of the Four C’s of 21st Century Learning that you would like to focus on for this session.

2) Read (10 min): Click on and read through one of the following 21st Century Learning Skills exemplar documents.

3) Plan (10 min): Based the ideas from the exemplar synopsis, plan how you might integrate the target skill into your instruction in the next week.

4) Post (3 min): In the comment section below, post your response to the following:

  • Write your MVP (most valuable point) from today’s learning.
  • Share how you will integrate one of the Four C’s into a lesson in the next week.

Bonus Extension Activities:

  • Stretch Yourself: Develop a lesson the integrates multiple 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • Collaborate: Work with a colleague to plan a lesson the requires groups of students from different classes to work interdependently.
  • Dig Deeper: Visit the 21st Century Learning Skills video archive on this blog.Screen Shot 2013-01-30 at 3.40.32 PM

4 Responses to 21st Century Learning – PD Session 2 (3.11.2014)

  1. CJ Miceli says:

    MVPs: Shared responsibility–it is challenging sometimes for students to understand this. Also, Compromise and flexibility with diversity of groups (I like to pick their groups).
    Possible activity–I will group my law students with tort cases to analyze. Each will have a part of the case as their responsibility then collaborate on how to present the whole case in a condensed version to their colleagues in the office.

  2. sarah ross says:

    MVP: Finding ways to connect students online to a world of thinking and communication.
    Possible Activity: Creating a class blog to reflect on various literature in the classroom.
    Activity to use next week in class: Students will use Creativity in classroom through connecting literature to modern media via a Power Point creating a movie trailer for their independent read books.

  3. Mary DiMuro says:

    MVPs: I found it interesting that a creative lesson can also be a lesson in diversity as you can bring in different perspectives and work on being open and responsive to them.
    Possible Activity: Students in Sports Marketing can use Movie Maker to create an advertisement to promote a college team. Students can then watch and critique these.

  4. Jenelle says:

    MVP: Having students collaborate in groups to share ideas is a great lesson in teaching students compromise and responsibility.

    Activity: Since students are working on individual research projects at this time, they can form groups with other students with similar topics to share their findings. This will help students find the missing pieces to their questions and come up with new questions/answers.

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