The Athena Video Series: Click on any the following titles to view the videos in that series.

Video Tutorial: The New Athena High School Schedule – Student Version

Video Tutorial: The New Athena High School Schedule – Teacher Version

Athena YouTube Channel: Click here to view the various video highlights of the incredible clubs, teams and student achievements that are documented on YouTube.

Forward Together Video Series: Below is a series of videos that were developed by our Principal, Jason Gianotti, to help us understand the many different shifts facing our school system in the coming years. The title of this series is Forward Together, to signify the fact that we are on a journey together and we are in the process of tackling these issues in a collaborative and advancing manner.

Tech Tips Video Series: This is an incredible tutorial video series by Social Studies teacher Larry Frisa. Check out this series for 6 videos detailing how to set up a classroom blog and how to effectively learn and use Twitter in the classroom.

The Teacher Tips Video Series: consists of short instructional videos in a mini documentary style. Great Athena teachers share simple, yet powerful tips they use to improve the learning that occurs in the class room. If you have a suggestion for a Teacher Tip video, or would like to star in one yourself, see Jason.

(much more to come in the the future)


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