Differentiated Learning Menus – Mary Vagenas

NYC Teacher Mary Vagenas shares a differentiated lesson in which students choose three different activities in each of the following categories:

  1. An Appetizer (warm up activity)
  2. An Entree (main activity)
  3. A Dessert (summary activity)

Click on the picture below to view the video:

Special thanks to Mary and http://www.teachingchannel.com for making this incredible resource available.

Download an MS Word Version of the Learning Menu Rubric: Below you will find a copy of the “Learning Menu” assessment rubric.  You can click here for a MS Word version of this document if you would like to customize this to your own lesson.

3 Responses to Differentiated Learning Menus – Mary Vagenas

  1. Lisa Marsh and Sara Drahms says:

    Video: Differentiated Learning Menus

    MVP: Learning can be differentiated through a variety of tasks at different levels for students based on their choice. CHOICE is a powerful tool!

    1 New Way to Differentiate: Create a menu template to use during resource for our 12:1:1 students, make our template less wordy and more visual

  2. Daizja says:

    That’s my History Teacher!!!

  3. anonymous says:

    I wanna fuck her

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