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Athena Non-Negotiables – Part 1: Ensuring All Students Learn at High Levels

The mission of public education is to ensure that ALL students learn at High Levels. This is the first and foremost professional obligation of each and every staff member at Greece Athena High School. This is the first in a … Continue reading

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Response to Intervention Reflection Activity

Here is the worksheet we are using in our PLC groups today to assess our RtI systems.  We conducted the same activity last year and we will use the assessment data to compare our year-to-year growth. You only need to … Continue reading

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The Athena Twilight Academy – A More Clearly Defined Process

As we continue to focus on ensuring that all student learn at high levels, we continue to refine our process of interventions.  Twilight will now be expanding to include both rooms 201 & 205.  It will also be expanding to … Continue reading

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An Incredible Behavior Intervention Resource

Click the image below to check out an incredible resource on how to effectively intervene when a student is behaving poorly.  Although this resource is found on an elementary school website, many of the behaviors are relevant to our students… … Continue reading

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Understanding Response to Intervention

Here is a collection of resources, book summaries and other information that will provide you with an excellent foundational knowledge of what RtI actually is intended to accomplish. This post was originally published as a page on this blog, however, … Continue reading

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Forward Together: Response to Intervention at Athena

Click here to visit the Athena RtI page which contains a wide range of resources, research and other materials.

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Athena High School’s Pyramid of Response to Interventions

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Summer Podcast #1 – Exam Data, RtI Feedback & Principal Evaluation Data

This summer I am going to try and keep in touch with a few videos to provide communication and updates as we gear up for the fall. I hope this video finds you enjoying a restful break from the crazy … Continue reading

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Athena’s RtI Reflection Data Analysis

On June 5th, we completed a reflection activity about the quality of Response to Intervention at Athena.  During this activity we worked in our PLC Teams to answer 20 questions pertaining to the research about Response to Intervention and how … Continue reading

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The 4 C’s of Response to Intervention

The following description is exerpted from an abstract summarizing the ideas found in the book “Simplifying Response to Intervention” by, Buffum, Mattos and Weber.  If you are interested in learning more about RtI, stop by my office and see me. … Continue reading

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