Writing Teacher’s Strategy Guide

Writing Strategy Guide (by Steve Peha, http://www.ttms.org)- This is an incredible compendium of ideas, worksheets, graphic organizers, and information about improving our ability to teach the writing process. The chapter titles include the following:

  1. I Don’t Know What to Write About (pg 5) – ideas for getting started
  2. It’s Just a Matter of Opinion (pg 20) – proving a claim or main idea
  3. It’s All in the Details (pg 28) – what, why and how to include details
  4. A Game of Show and Tell (pg 33) – teaching how to elaborate
  5. A Sequence of Events (pg 38) –  tips for teaching how to expand on an idea
  6. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words (pg 47) – supporting reticent writers
  7. Three Key Ingredients (pg 52) – writing with descriptive depth
  8. The Definition of Writing (pg 58) – “Writing is the communication of content for a purpose to an audience.” Tips on writing for content, purpose and audience.
  9. Great Beginnings (pg 74) – writing great introductions (plus a glossary of 16 great conclusion ideas)
  10. Happy Endings (pg 90) – writing great conclusions (plus a glossary of 16 great conclusion ideas)
  11. Little Things that Make a Big Difference (pg 104) – Five Big Questions, sharing, conferencing, feedback, knowing when your finished, beating writer’s block and more.

Click here to download the PDF

Click here to visit the Teaching That Makes Sense Website

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