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Online Resources for the Odell Units

For access to all of the Odell units: http://odelleducation.com/literacy-curriculum. This link is also on our “Useful Links” section on the right side of every page on this blog for you to access any time. For the Odell Unit 1 Reading Closely … Continue reading

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Great Lesson Plan Idea: Become a Slam Poet in Five Steps (TEDed Video)

  Checkout this interesting video on how to incorporate slam poetry into an ELA lesson plan.  Click on the image below to watch the video.

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TED Talk Spotlight ~ Sarah Kay: If I should have a daughter…

Check out this incredible short video by teacher, poet and inspirational TED presenter Sarah Kay.

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Teacher Tips: The “Dig-it” Rubric (by Mr. Scott)

Mr. Scott shares how he challenges his students to dig deep in there ability to write analytically. This activity involves, analytical writing, self reflection, peer evaluation, and. Whole group share out time. Click on the image below to download the … Continue reading

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Teaching Tips: Analytical Writing Stations (Mrs. Masters)

Mrs. Masters shares and incredible multi-day activity that she uses to help students develop and improve their ability to write analytically. Four Days Unit for Developing Analytical Writing! Day One ~ Differentiated Readings and Graphic Organizers: Students analyze different poems … Continue reading

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Making Sense of Complex Poetry

Another great video by the Teaching Channel.

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Ideas for Teaching Analysis in Writing

Sandy Garcia came across these tips for teaching effective analysis in the writing process. Ideas for analysis: Restate and expand the thesis into a broader statement in order to summarize the insights developed in the body of the paragraph or … Continue reading

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Using Mind Maps for Writing an Analytical Essay

Carl Stresing has developed a strategic and targeted process for teaching his students how to write effective and analytical essays in his classroom. Mr. Stresing uses mind maps and graphic organizers to force his students to think analytically, write more … Continue reading

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30 Ideas for Teaching Writing

Check out this incredible resource from the National Writing Project! 30 great strategies to help teach writing.  Each of the strategies below is a web-link that will take you to a more detailed description of the that particular idea. Use … Continue reading

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Uncut Classroom Video: Lesson on Making Sense of Symbols

Click on the picture below to watch an incredible lesson on analyzing a text and making meaning of symbols, patterns and themes.

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