RtI Defined? Click here for information about what RtI is and what the research indicates are the best practices.

Athena’s Pyramid of Response to Intervention: This graphic organizer shows the various supports and systems inlace to ensure that every student learns at high levels and is supported when that learning does not take place.

The Twilight Academy:

The Twilight Academy is a Tier 2 intervention at Athena High School that enables us to ensure that all students learn at high levels and that student who fail to learn, recover the missing content and skills as soon as possible.  Twilight is a class that is assigned to extend a students school day by one additional period.  Students remain in twilight for as many days as are required to recover the learning they have not mastered.

Skill Deficiency – Previous Quarter Recovery (Room 205): Every student who fails a quarter of a core area class can be assigned by an administrator to recover the learning during 5th block.  This intervention is not new, however the process has been refined and revamp.

  • Flow Chart: Click here for a flow chart explaining the Previous Quarter Recovery process.
  • Cover Sheet: Click here to download the cover sheet required to assign a student to this intervention.

Will Deficiency – Current Quarter Support (Room 201): This intervention will look a bit like “Homework Detention”, and can be used by an teacher who has a student who is at risk of failing a current quarter do to missing assignments. This intervention will be offered on A & C days during 5th block.

  • Flow Chart: Click here for a flow chart explaining the Current Quarter Support process.
  • Cover Sheet: Click here to download the cover sheet required to assign a student to this intervention.

RtI at Athena Explanation Video:

RtI Reflections: Click here to visit our Athena High Staff Learning page.  This is where we will post reflections on what we are learning through the various articles and research we read and discuss.

RtI Book Summary: Click here to read a summary of the book “Pyramid Response to Intervention”. This is the seminal work on how to apply the principals of RtI to a school in a practical and reasonable way.

RtI Reflection Data:  The following chart summarizes the data gathered from our June 5th, 2012 reflection on the status of RtI at Athena.

1 Response to RtI

  1. Michelle Spafford says:

    The Ladies of LOTE feel the MVP for this article is the concept of early detection (possibly from the Middle School?) and the idea of teachers getting together that have similar students in common.
    What are the next steps? Earlier intervention and identification of students and monitoring of that information

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