21st Century Skills Introduction Module

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The Introduction Module

The Timeframe: 45 minutes (more if you get hooked)

Module Objectives:

  • Objective 1 – Analyze why integrating 21 Century Learning Skills into our pedagogy is essential.
  • Objective 2 – Evaluate a recent lesson they developed based on the NYSUT Rubric indicators that assess 21 Century Learning Skills
  • Objective 3 – Plan future personalized PD regarding the 4 C’s


1) Watch: “Changing Paradigms of Education” by Sir Ken Robinson. Select from the following websites: RSAnimate, YouTube, TED Talks.

  • Reflect While You Watch: Jot down your thoughts in reference to the following two questions pertaining to the information from the video.
  • Identify 3 priorities of schools in the 19th and 20th Centuries.
  • Identify 3 “new” priorities schools must embrace in the 21st Century.

2) ReadThe 21st Century Learning Skills Overview

3) Evaluate: With a colleague, share your responses to the following two discussion prompts.

  • Describe a recent lesson you planned that leveraged one of the “4 C’s” of the 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • Evaluate the lesson based on at least 3 of the NYSUT Rubric indicators using the Cheat Sheet (click here to view it).

5) Plan: Rank the 4 C’s in the order you would like to explore them in future staff meetings

6) Post: In the comment section below, post your responses to the following three questions.

  • Write the MVP (most valuable point) from today’s learning.
  • Share a lesson idea that leverages a 21st Century Learning Skill
  • State which skill you plan to learn about during the next session.

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Optional Extension Activities: Consider stretching yourself with these activities!

  • Review the P21 curriculum map for your content area and identify potential activities you could use in class that align with the 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • Collaborate with a colleagues to develop a lesson that aligns with the 21st Century Learning Skills and can be taught in both classes. After the lesson share how it went.

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