Videos About 21st Century Learning

Changing Paradigms of Education (11 min): A great, animated video of a speech on 21st Century Education by Sir Ken Robinson.

The 21st Century Learner (4 min): A remix montage of various popular videos on the topic from across the web.

Above and Beyond: The 4 C’s (5min):  A great animated short story video that gives an overview of why we need to help students embrace the 4 C’s.

The Four C’s: Making 21st Century Education Happen (8 min): A great mini documentary about schools making integrating the 4 C’s.

The Four C’s of 21st Century Learning (5 min): A descriptive overview of the 4 skills by Christy Lamb.

ReThinking Learning: The 21st Century Learner (4 min): A great video by the MacArthur Foundation about the realities of educating the 21st Century learner in the 21st Century.

Did You Know 3.0 – Shift Happens (4 min): A powerful infographic style video about the changes in our world and how they impact our students.

I Have a Question: Why 21st Century Learning? (3 min): An infographic style videos asking questions we must ask as educators preparing our students for success in their future.

Assessing the 4 C’s: The Power of Rubrics (3 min): A great video from Pearson Foundation on the power of using rubrics to help us and our students gauge our success and learning and using the 21st Century Skills.


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