The APPR Overview – The new APPR is designed to foster a cycle of continual growth, collaboration and inquiry, where the teacher and administrator work together to ensuring ongoing professional improvement. All components of this process have been collaboratively developed by the GTA Leadership and the District.

The APPR Scoring – Your score on the APPR is determined by the following three measures which add up together to equal a total out of 100.  This score is then converted to the HEDI rating scale (Highly Effective, Effective, Developing or Ineffective):

The Rubric – 60 of the 100 points (based on the NYSUT Rubric)

The State Measure – 20 of the 100 points (a growth measure based on Assessment scores)

  • Regents Courses – If 51% or more of your students are sitting in a class that ends in a Regents Exam, your students results on that exam will be used to determine your 20 points in this measure
  • Non-Regents Courses – All other teachers (except Global 9) will have their score on this exam determined by the growth on the building average on the ELA Comprehensive Regents Exam.
  • Global 9 Teachers –  will have their scores determined based on growth relative to the local Global 9 exam.

The Local Measure – 20 of the 100 points (based on building wide Regents Exam scores)

  • Based on the Average of the 5 Gate Keeper Regents Exams – Everyone at Athena High will get the same score on this measure based on the average of the building scores in Global, US, ELA, Algebra and Living or Earth

Overview Documents: The Teacher Evaluation and Development documents from NYSUT that summarize the process of the new evaluation process.

  • TED Handbook – Detailed explanation of the process
  • TED Workbook – The worksheets and forms used to determine the evaluation and composite score


Negotiated APPR Forms:

Other Documents that May Help:

Arcadia’s APPR Page: Click here to visit the Arcadia APPR page containing a lot of great information, including a summary of the observation cycle.


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