Common Writing Framework & Vocab:

Athena Writing Framework: We have agreed to implement a common paragraph writing framework and vocabulary across all content areas.  Click here for more information and to download posters.

Teaching Analytical Writing:

Analytical Writing Unit: This video by Mrs. Masters explains how she teaches analytical writing to her students over multiple days.

Analytical Writing Rubric: This video by Mr. Scott show how using a simple rubric and peer evaluation can dramatically improve the ability of students to write analytically.

Strategies We are Trying:

(More strategies will be posted as they are received and typed up.)

Resources for Teaching Writing:

30 Ideas for Teaching Writing (The National Writing Alliance): This is detailed compendium of 30 easy to implement strategies for teaching writing.

Writing Strategy Guide (by Steve Peha, http://www.ttms.org)- This is an incredible compendium of ideas, worksheets, graphic organizers, and information about improving our ability to teach the writing process.

Writing Next: Effective Strategies to Improve Writing of Middle and High School Students – (Alliance For Excellent Education – PDF) 11 research proven strategies for improving the quality of student writing. 

30 Ideas for Teaching Writing (The National Writing Project – Website)  This is an awesome list of thirty different resources for teaching writing.  Each one is a hyper link that will take you to a detailed description of the strategy or idea.

Teaching How to Write a Paragraph (You Can Teach Writing – Website) A website full of resources for improving our ability to teach the different components of writing.

Videos of Writing Lessons:

Small Group Writing (The Teaching Channel) A great lesson idea featuring Jennifer Rosenzweig from Bronxville High School.  In this video you will see groups of students collaborating on persuasive writing.


Equipping Students for Extended Writing  (The Teaching Channel) Natasha Nichols, a teacher in England, shares a great lesson on how to help student develop more complex and longer written responses.

2 Responses to Writing

  1. tricia saltzberg says:

    Just had a thought as I was looking over the proposed framework idea: is the group going to look at what a single developed paragraph will look like, AND also discuss how a longer 4 paragraph essay could be structured? In my mind, I want students to know how a thesis statement compares to a claim / topic sentence.

  2. Tammy says:

    I agree…and how about breaking it down even more? I do not look at student writing as much as teachers do but when I do, I’m often seeing the basics of sentence structure and grammar missing. It seems that those should be just as important as the framework for a writing piece. I know that knowledge of content can still get across without good sentence structure and grammar, but aren’t the later just as important for college and career readiness? It would be great if students already came into high school with good grammar, spelling, and sentence structure, but some do not. Something as simple as requiring students to rewrite another draft with sentence structure/grammar/spelling corrections could be required by any teacher in any subject.

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