Chapter 2 – Planning that Ensures Academic Achievement

Technique #6 – Begin with the End – Great lessons begin with planning, and specifically with effective unit planning: planning a sequence of objectives, one or possibly two for each lesson over an extended period of time.

Technique #7 – The 4 M’s – A great lesson objective (and therefore a great lesson) should be manageable, measurable, made first and most important on the path to college.

Technique #8 – Post It – Once your objective is complete, Post It in a visible location in your room – the same location every day – so that every one who walks into the room, your students, as well as your peers and administrators, can identify your purpose for teaching that day in ass plain English as possible.

Technique #9 – Shortest Path – All other things being equal, the simplest explanation or strategy is the best.

Technique #10 – Double Plan – It is as important to plan what students will be doing during each phase of your lesson as it is to plan for what you’ll be doing and saying.

Technique #11 – Draw the Map –  The planning and controlling of the physical environment of the class should support the specific lesson goals for the day rather than the best approach to support most lessons on average.  Class room set up should support the instructional objective of each individual lesson.

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