Chapter 1 – Setting High Academic Expectations

Key Ideas from the techniques taught in this chapter as as follows:

“High expectations are the most reliable driver of high student achievement, even in students who do not have a history of successful achievement.”

Technique #1 – No Opt Out – A sequence that begins with a student unable to answer a question should end with the student answering that question as often as possible.

Technique #2 – Right is Right – Set and defend a high standard of correctness in your classroom.

  1. Hold out for all the way
  2. Answer the question
  3. Right answer, right time
  4. Use technical vocabulary

Technique#3 – Stretch It – The sequence of learning does not end with the right answer; reward right answers with follow up questions that extend knowledge and test for reliability.

  • Ask how or why
  • Ask for another way to answer
  • Ask for a better word
  • Ask for evidence
  • ask for integration of related skills
  • Ask for application of same skill in new setting

Technique #4 – Format Matters – It’s not just what students say that matters, but how they communicate it. To succeed, students must take their knowledge and express it in the language of opportunity.

  • Grammatical format
  • Complete sentence format
  • Audible format
  • Unit format

Technique #5 – Without Apology – Expressing the unshakable that content is engaging and essential.

  • Never apologize for the content
  • Never apologize for the students

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