Chapter 4 – Engaging Students in Your Lessons

Technique #22 – The Cold Call – In order to make engaged participation the expectation, call on students regardless of whether they have raise their hands.

  • Cold Call is predictable
  • Cold Call is systematic
  • Cold Call is positive
  • Cold Call is scaffolded

Technique #23 – Call and Response – Use group choral response – you ask; they answer in unison – to build a culture of energetic, positive engagement.

Technique 24 – Pepper – A face pace review activity in which the teacher fires out a rapid and unpredictable series of questions prompting quick student responses.

  • Pick Sticks – labeled popsicle sticks used to randomly select students
  • Head-to-head – rotating pairs of students compete to answer correctly first
  • Sit Down – students earn their sats at the beginning of class by correctly answer a question.

Technique #25 – Wait Time – Delaying a few strategic seconds after you finish asking a question and before you ask a student to begin answering it. (Various prompts and delay sentences included in this chapter)

Technique #26 – Everybody Writes – Set your students up for rigorous engagement by giving them the opportunity to reflect first in writing before discussion. “I write to know what I think.” Joan Didion

Technique #27 – Vegas – The sparkle that ignites engagement. The moment during class when you might observe some production values; music, lights, rhythm or dancing.

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