Athena Staff Update – Week 39

The Athena High School Mission: “Our graduates will be prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.”  

The Senior Reflective Conferences: Today is one of my favorite days of the year.  Once again, students thrilled us as they shared their stories and the journey each of them are on as they head out from Athena.  Once again, I was reminded of how essential each person in our school is to the development, shaping and molding of the next generation.  Each of you are having a profound impact.  The time and energy you spend investing into each young scholar here is more significant that you will ever know.  I hope you all enjoyed today as much as I did.

Defining College and Career Readiness: Have you ever wondered what it means to be “college and career ready”? How do we know who is on track to be successful in college and/or career after leaving Athena?  These are critical questions that we must explore as a school community. Over the past several months the College and Career Committee has been commissioned by AIT to tackle these questions.  This committee was comprised of counselors, teachers, administrators, college admissions reps, support staff members and teacher leaders.  Together we have developed two documents (a checklist and a timeline) that will guide our students, our professional development and our school community towards ensuring that each student is on track towards achieving our school mission. Click here to view these documents on the blog.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday June 10th is a Department Meeting – We will meet as departments to complete the annual RtI Survey, review student lists and prep for exam week.
  • Special Ed and Counselor Meeting – Both the SpEd department and the counseling department will meet iwht James during the Tuesday Staff Meeting to review the CDOS credential regulations.  Please come to the meeting prepared to discuss any student who would have been on track to earn a local diploma in the past.
  • Standing Meeting Tuesday June 10th at 2:50 – We will meet as a whole staff for minutes in the Forum Room following the Department Meeting.
  • Regents Exam Week CalendarClick here for this year’s June exam calendar.
  • Common Athena Syllabus Content – As mentioned at the last Staff Meeting on Tuesday, we will all include our collective commitments in each syllabus next year. Click here to download a copy of the common syllabus information.  Please copy and paste this into your syllabus for next year for all courses.
  • AIT Representative Needed: If you are interested in serving on the Athena Improvement Team next year, we are looking for representatives.  If you are a teacher please let John Clifford know.  If you are a support staff member please let Kathleen Harrison know.

Nice to Know:

  • Junior Prom Pictures on the D&CClick here to view.
  • 2014-2015 District Timelines and CalendarsClick here.
  • Leadership Positions for 2014-2015Click here for a list of extra curricular and leadership positions you may want to consider applying to be a part of next year. Deadline to let Jason know of your interest is June 10th.
  • Important Year End DatesClick here for the updated list of important dates to end the year.

Only 6 more days of school with students! Finish strong!


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