Common Syllabus Section for Athena High School

Below are the points for the common section on all Athena syllabi for next year. Please copy and paste the bullets below into the beginning of your syllabus for next year.

  • The Athena Mission – “We will ensure that all graduates of Greece Athena High School are prepared for success in college and careers in the 21st century.”
  • The Athena Writing Framework – While there are many ways to write effectively, we use the CSA writing framework as a tool for ensuring that our written communication is analytical and insightful. This means the following:
    • Every paragraph must have a claim
    • Every claim must be supported with evidence, details and analysis
  • The Athena Way Values – We expect that all students and staff live out the following personal characteristics.
    • Respectful
    • Responsible
    • Productive
  • The Athena Response – When students do not follow the Athena Way Values we will respond in a consistent way. If student behavior requires disciplinary intervention the following steps will be taken.
    • Major Offense – Student will be taken to a Unit Office and a referral will be written
    • 1st Minor Offense – Personal conversation between teacher and student articulating expectation and teacher consequences
    • 2nd Minor Offense – Communication of concern and expectations to parent or guardian and teacher consequence
    • 3rd Minor Offense – Any other teacher consequence
    • 4th Minor Offense – Referral to Assistant Principal for administrative consequence
  • The Athena Grading Communication – All teachers maintain grade books in Infinite Campus. All students are expected to check Infinite Campus regularly to check grades and assignment completion. Infinite Campus should be checked prior to asking a teacher about your grades or assignments.
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