Year End PLC Team Presentation Expectations

Purpose: To share how your team engaged in professional growth and collaboration to inform your instruction, intervention and feedback to students


  • Review of Expectations – April 29th PLC Meeting
  • Planning Session 1 – May 6th PLC Meeting (half of the time)
  • Planning Session 2 – June 10th PLC Meeting (half of the time)
  • Planning Session 3 – Exam Week 1 (if needed)
  • Presentations – Exam Week 1 or 2 (exact time TBD)

Topics and Questions to Cover:

  • Self Assessment of the Team: Where do you rate your team on each of the first 3 Check Points? (provide evidence)
  • CFA Procedures: Describe your CFA development, administration and analysis process this year?
  • Adjustments Made this Year: Based on your CFA data, what instructional adjustments and interventions have you implemented?
  • Continuing Our Improvement: What do you feel is the most important area of instructional growth for your team moving forward into next year?
  • Bright Spots: Include at least one bright spot for each member of the team.  Suggestions may include personal or professional growth, successful strategies or techniques, technology integration or anything else you may want to share.


  • Length – Presentations must be no more than 20 minutes
  • Presenters – Each member of the PLC Team must be a part of the presentation
  • Content – Address each of the “Topics and Questions” listed above
  • Supporting Technology – Presentation must include at least one of the following: a PowerPoint, video, graphic organizer, SMART Board activity, blog post, prezi or other resource.
  • Summary of Presentation – Draft a 1-2 paragraph summary of your teams progress this year.  It will be posted on the staff blog, along with the supporting technology.
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