Athena Staff Update – Week 33

The Athena High School Mission: “Our graduates will be prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.”  

Fostering 21st Century Creativity In Our Students: Creativity is a skill and an expectation that we should integrate and expect of our students in every lesson. We all know that consistently integrating 21st Century Learning Skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication) into our daily instruction is essential for ensuring our students are prepared for success in college and careers.  Creativity, however, may be one of the most difficult of these skills to integrate effectively. Encouraging creativity is not about just having students use clip art in a powerpoint, develop a Wordle or create a colorful poster with a partner. Taking the time to figure out how to embed instructional expectations that require students to leverage authentic creativity has been proven to improve retention and cognitive engagement in students.

Article of the Week: In your mailbox this week you will find a great article titled “Powerup: Technology and the Illusion of Creativity” from this month’s Educational Leadership magazine. In this short article, author Doug Johnson offers simple and easy to implement suggestions for improving our ability to ensure that our pedagogy requires students to be truly creativity in the learning process. I would challenge you to take 5 minutes to read this article and look for one way to strengthen your ability to help our students achieve our mission. (click here to view article online)

Need to Know:

  • April 29th is a PLC Meeting – This week you will develop your final CFA for the year and review the PLC Team Presentation expectations (click here for details) you were given Tuesday.
  • AP Exams Begin Next Week – Throughout the first to weeks of May we will be asking hallway passes to be kept to a minimum to preserve a testing environment for students taking AP exams. Please do not allow anyone out of your classroom unless it is an emergency.
  • Staff Meeting Calendar – Click here to view the staff meeting calendar for the rest of the year.

Nice to Know:

  • Commissioner King Publicly Praises Greece Teachers and Teacher Leaders – Click here and watch a video of a recent speech by the NYSED Commissioner as he extols the work of teachers and teacher leaders in Greece (skip to 24:45)
  • Rubric Development Resources – Click here for 5 resources for making your own rubrics
  • Miss Saigon Pictures Posted On Line – Click here to view pictures.
  • Louise Slaughter Boasts About Athena in National Speech – Click here to view the video.
  • Important Year End DatesClick here for the updated list of important dates to end the year.
  • Infinite Campus Mobile App: IC now has a app for phones that will send push notifications when grades and information is updated.  Please spread the news to parents and students.
  • Zone Printing Coming Soon – Next month zone printing will go into effect.
I hope the weekend bring you rest and that you are able to get recharged.  There are just 35 days left until exam week.
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