Athena Staff Update – Week 29

The Athena High School Mission: “Our graduates will be prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.”  

Article of the Week: In your mailbox this week is a great article titled “The Bridge Between Today’s Lesson and Tomorrow’s”, from the Education Leadership magazine by Carol Ann Tomlinson. She writes, “…teaching is too complex to invite perfection, event the best teachers will miss the mark some days, but in general, teachers who use sound formative assessment aspire to the following 10 principles…” The notion that teaching is so incredibly complex is indisputable.  What you do each and every day is incredibly difficult and challenging. The demands of the 21st Century on our students has forever altered the landscape of public education and the brunt of this burden is borne by us. Now, more than ever we must continue to reflect on the quality of our instruction and be willing to engage in continuous growth in order to meet the challenges we face. This article offers 10 simple principles for ensuring that our formative assessments are having the impact we desire and are informing our instruction to the greatest extent possible. It is definitely worth the read. This is not about working more, or working harder.  This is about ensuring that we are refining our practice every day to align with the needs of our students.  The work you do is tremendously important.  You are in the process of shaping and molding the future.  What you do is a noble calling, and certainly not for the faint of heart.  I hope you find this article helpful on your continuing professional journey.

Just The Way Things Are Done Around HereClick here to read a fantastic and challenging summary of an experiment about culture and who actually controls it. Warning… only read this if you are ready to have your assumptions challenged.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday is a Staff Meeting – We will meet in the Cafeteria at 2pm.
  • End of Marking Period – Friday, April 11th, is the last day of this marking period.
  • Jackie’s Last Week – This is Jackie’s last week with us.  Please wish her well on her new endeavor in Webster.  John Bellini will be filling in for her for the rest of the year as the interim Assistant Principal.  He will be shadowing Jackie this week.
  • AIT Meeting Monday – The April meeting for AIT will be on Monday at 2pm.
  • RG&E Shutdown – Athena power will be completely shutdown for the day on Tuesday, April 15th.  There will be no access to the building on that day.
  • Important Year End Dates: Click here for the updated list of important dates to end the year.
  • Laptop Battery Recall – If you are in possession of a district owned Lenovo X100e or X120e laptop that is not permanently in a room or building, they need to contact the Help Desk at ext. 2222 or email Kevin Boivin, Director of Technology.

Nice to Know:

  • Autism Up and Mr. Latten Highlighted in the D&C – As you drive into school you will notice blue puzzle pieces created by Mr. Latten and his students to honor National Autism Day.  Click here to read a short article from the D&C on this great event.
  • Athena Students On the News Promoting Miss SaigonClick here for a great interview on the news.
  • Pursuing More than a Diploma – In my weekly parent email, I continue to challenge parents to reorient their perspective towards high school to be in line with our school mission of College and Career Readiness.  Click here if you would like to read this weeks eNews.
  • Zone Printing Coming Soon – Next month zone printing will go into effect.

Thank you for all you continue to do each and every day.  You are truly one of the key catalysts that is transforming the lives of your students.  Keep up the great work!

Brief Biography of Mr. John Bellini: As mentioned above, Mr. Bellini will be filling in as the interim Assistant Principal for Jackie Goodwine until the end of the year.  This will allow us the time necessary to conduct an appropriate process for ensuring a suitable long term replacement for this position. Mr. Bellini began his career as a Biology and Earth Science teacher in Spencerport and Webster.  He was the Director of Math and Science in Brighton for 4 years. He then served as the Director of Science and Health in Rush Henrietta for 2 years. He served in Spencerport at the High School as an assistant principal for 8 years. After that he was at Churchville-Chili Middle School as the Principal for 12 yrs. After a short retirement of 2 months he became the principal of a Catholic School for 2 years. Currently he is a SAANYS rep for Western New York. Last year, he was the interim for the Elementary Principal at Holmes Rd. School here in Greece for a short while.


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