Watch the Robotics Club Compete Live!

The following students will be attending the First robotics completion at R.I.T. AT THE Gordon Field House. All are welcome to attend and it is free of charge. Visit for all information regarding this event as well times for our matches.

Watch the Robotics Club Live: You can also watch live starting Friday at the following webcast

  • Alana Hughes
  • Allison Fink
  • Amy Gruttadaurra
  • Anthony DiCecca
  • Bao Dang
  • Ben Haskins
  • Ben Ringholz
  • Brad Haag
  • Brianna Sieper
  • Claire Teal
  • Dan Southern
  • Duffy Ohara
  • Emilyn Nguyen
  • Erich Rupert
  • Evan Trabold
  • Hicham Belhseine
  • Jeff Iorio
  • Josh Osterhoudt
  • Kyle Devos
  • Kyle Schleich
  • Liam Webster
  • Maksim Ribalko
  • Marleah Davis
  • Meghana Kakarla
  • Molly Mammino
  • Nicholas Ringholz
  • Nick Hale
  • Paolo Paco
  • Ryan Statt
  • Samantha Watts
  • Tyler Crandall
  • Xiaomning Guo
  • Zach Vacek
  • Zachary Seeburg
  • Jake Burns
  • Colin Chambers
  • Sarah Boily
  • Bethanie Porterfeild
  • Joe Race
  • Nadia Hoelleigl
  • Sam Coriddi
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