Staff Update: Week 25

The Athena High School Mission: “Our graduates will be prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.”  As you have noticed, we are reading the Athena Mission Statement every morning on the announcements.  We believe that the fundamental purpose of our school is not to simply provide the opportunity for students to learn and attain graduation. Instead, we believe that the purpose of our school is to ensure that we are equipping and supporting our students to ensure that they are prepared to face the challenges of the 21st century and succeed in whatever path they take.  I would encourage each of you to look for ways to work this mission into the daily instruction and discussion that happens in each class. Together, we can radically impact the trajectory of each students’ life.  Thank you for your relentless commitment to making this mission a reality.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Staff Meeting is Differentiated PD: We will have the second round of PD based on the sessions you signed up for last month.  Reminders of your sessions will be in your mailboxes on Monday or Tuesday.
  • Monday 3rd Block Classroom Discussion Regarding New After School Procedures: As discussed at last weeks staff meeting, Jackie and Bev have been working on developing a new after school supervision process for monitoring student behavior.  We are asking all teachers to conduct a short discussion in 3rd block on Monday pertaining to these chances. Specifics will be in your mailbox on Monday.
  • Zone Printing Coming Soon: A spreadsheet with the zones and printer locations is in your mailbox.
  • Roster Verification: If you still have not been able to verify your roster please make sure Kathleen knows.
  • 21st Century Learning Skills Online Module: If you are scheduled for the 21st Century Learning Skills Online Modules as one of your PD sessions on Tuesday.  Use the following links: 1st Session, 2nd Session (only use this one if you already did the first session last month)
  • A Second NHS Advisor Needed: Connect with Tricia Saltzberg if you are interested in this position.
  • Assembly on March 19th – We will welcome Rep. Louis Slaughter and the Superintendent to Athena for a full school Assembly during the last block on March 19th.  More details to come next week.

Nice to Know:

  • Great Blog Posting on Student Engagement: Click here for a great article suggesting 5 powerful questions to foster deeper student engagement.
  • Athena Bright Spot – An Evening of Jazz: Click here for more information.
  • Boys Basketball In State Tournament: Saturday, March 8th, the boys compete in the first round of the State Tournament.  Stay tuned for details.

Athena Data Points of the Week: During the first week of each month the admin team reviews the trends in our discipline and attendance data.  Here are a few of the trends that we are seeing as a school community.

Behavior Trends:

  • 38% – percentage of referrals that are for truancy (most common infraction)
  • 18% – percentage of referrals that are for defiance or insubordination (second most common infraction)
  • 9% – percentage of referrals that are for disrespect (third most common infraction)

Location Trends:

  • 71% – percentage of referrals coming from classroom behaviors (most common location)
  • 11% – percentage of referrals coming from hallway behaviors (second most common location)
  • 4% – percentage of referrals coming from cafeteria behaviors (third most common location)

Implications of this Data: The above data provides us with insights into the trends and generalities of Athena High School and how our system operates.  It is interesting to note that most of the work done by the Athena Way Committee has centered on issues of respect and hallway behavior.  We have clearly seen a decline in the infractions relative to both of these data points.  Clearly the next areas of focus need to be behaviors related to classrooms and truancy.  The Athena Way Committee and the admin team will be focusing on these areas as we move forward.

Article of the Week: In your mailbox this week is a great blog posting titled “Say What? 5 Ways to Get Students to Listen”, from  This article has a collection of simple tips to help foster a culture of active listening in the classroom.  I hope you find this short refresher is useful.

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