Teacher Roster Verification

All teachers will be given 15 minutes at the end of the Tuesday Staff meeting to complete this task.  This must be finished by Wednesday afternoon.  The following must be completed by each teacher:

  1. Check your rosters on NYSED Database (use link emailed to you 2.24.2014)
  2. Submit online form using the following linkClick here


The following is information from District Office on the verification process.

Teacher Roster Verifications

The Teacher-Student Verification process will be starting the week of February 24. The Teacher–Student Verification Report allows teachers to view district reported data for their course(s) and section(s). The data includes a list of students enrolled in their course(s) as well as the start and end dates and duration times for each course(s). To view this report, a teacher will first receive a unique personal identification number (PIN) created by NYSED and provided by Shana Barber. The teachers must use this PIN to login via the Teacher Access and Authorization web page https://eservices.nysed.gov/taa.

Teachers who received their PIN in a prior year and have established their account either in our district or elsewhere in NYS will not receive a new PIN. PINs are only used once to establish a user ID and password to gain access to the roster reports.

Teachers will be receiving a Teacher Roster Verification User Guide and specific guidelines for rectifying any discrepancies that have been identified with their course roster.


Click on the Following Links for More Information:

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