Staff Update – Week 23

Welcome back from break.  I hope you are feeling rested and rejuvenated.  

The Athena High School Mission: “Our graduates will be prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.”  One way you can help support this mission, is to talk about college and careers regularly in your class room. Before break we handed out over 800 flyers to students with contact information for local area colleges and phone numbers to arrange a campus visit. Click here to view the flyer, and consider discussing it in your class this week.

Feedback from Student Leaders on How We Are Doing: I meet periodically with a group of student leaders to gain feedback and insight into how we are doing from the perspective of students.  Students are recommended to this group each year by teachers and staff members.  Last week I asked them to share what they as a group felt was working at Athena and what they felt needed attention.  Their responses were thoughtful and insightful.  These comments were not prompted or prodded out of them.  Rather, they are what our students who are identified as leaders feel about our school.

What’s Working According to Our Student Leaders?           

  • The blue bathroom passes
  • When teachers update Infinite Campus Regularly
  • Announcements in the morning and at the end of the day
  • Staff being in the halls during passing time
  • Practice tests  
  • Positive feedback and critiques from teachers  
  • Time spent reviewing before tests
  • Nice secretaries 
  • College and career center
  • The way the 6th Man is this year
  • Parking
  • Our school is safe

What Needs Attention According to Our Student Leaders?

  • Passing time announcements
  • Try getting more teachers in halls
  • We need more student activities
  • Degrading criticism from teachers
  • More clarity on what you need to get prepared for college
  • Earlier college preparation
  • After school groups
  • Character of students
  • SAT Prep (more language)
  • More elective course awareness
  • Do Cornell notes the same in every class
  • Different writing requirements in different classes

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday is a Staff Meeting – This is a change.  The new APPR agreement has been approved and I will be sharing the specific details.
  • 48 Hour Window: Responding to Parents – If you receive a call or an email from a parent, please make sure you call or email back within 24-48 hours. This is professional courtesy. My expectation of the admin team is that they respond to parents, students, teachers and staff within 24 hours. If you have any concerns about this please see me.
  • ***Action Required: Teacher Roster Verification *** – Tuesday you will be given time at the end of the staff meeting for Roster Verification.  This must be completed by the end of the week. Click here for more information. If you were not assigned a PIN last year, Shana Barber from District Office will be providing you one.

Nice to Know

  • Teaching Tip: The Warmup Rubric (by Sara Ross) – Click here to learn about a really great instructional strategy for helping get every class off to a focused and purposeful start.
  • 2nd Annual Senior to Senior Dance at the Legacy – Click here to view videos of our Senior Class dancing with residents at The Legacy.
  • Robotics Club is Getting Ready – Click here to view video clips from a resent Robotics club demonstration.  The robot is almost ready.
  • Staff Appreciation Breakfast – Click here to view a short video recap of our breakfast together.
  • Rep. Louise Slaughter is Visiting Athena – On March 19th, we will host an Assembly to honor our first semester honor roll students.  Congresswoman Slaughter will be joining us to extend her congratulatory remarks to our students and celebrate academic excellence with us.
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