Athena Staff Update – Week 21

Our Mission: The mission of Greece Athena High School guides everything we do.  Our Mission is to ensure that our graduates are ‘prepared for success in college and career in the 21st century.’  While we are committed as a school community to making this Mission a reality in the life of your son or daughter, we can not do this alone.  Ensuring success in college and career is something we must accomplish together.  We continue to reflect on and revise how we ready each student at Athena for college and/or career.  As teachers, administrators and support staff, we are committed to continuing to develop a culture and climate that demands the very best of ourselves and our students.

5 Strategies Required to be College and Career Ready: David Conley, in his bookCollege and Career Ready: Helping all Students Succeed Beyond High School, suggests what he refers to as 5 ‘key cognitive strategies’ that are essential for a student to succeed in college and careers.  We seek to embed these strategies throughout the scope and sequence of the curriculum covered at Athena. These high leverage strategies that lead to success in college and careers are:

  1. Problem Formulation – The ability to develop and apply multiple strategies to formulate routine and non routine problems.
  2. Research – The ability to identify appropriate resources to help answer a question or solve a problem.
  3. Interpretation – The ability to analyze competing and conflicting descriptions of an event or issue.
  4. Communication – The ability to construct a well reasoned argument or proofs to explain phenomena,  issues, critiques or points of view.
  5. Precision and Accuracy – The ability to know what type of precision is appropriate to a task in a  subject area and increase accuracy through successive tasks. (College and Career Ready, pg 34)

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Staff Meeting – This week we begin our differentiated PD sessions.  In your mailbox you will find a sheet with the sessions you signed up for highlighted.  If you did not return your sheet we signed you up for sessions.  Please attend the sessions assigned.  If you miss a session there will be online videos of some of the sessions as well as online modules you can take.
  • 21st Century Learning Skills Session – If you are signed up for the 21st Century Learning Skills Online Module session you will be completing that session online on your own.  Click here to visit the online module.
  • Walkthrough Focus – In the coming weeks as we continue to learn about and implement our 2nd CCSS skill of helping students make Evidence Based Claims, the admin team will be looking for efforts to integrate and leverage this skill when we ask students to be analytically reading and writing.
  • AIT Meets Monday – Our school improvement team meets Monday at 2 pm in room 272.  Click here to visit the AIT Blog.
  • First Block Teachers – On February 3rd, please distribute schedules in your mailbox to your 1st block students.  Any student without a schedule or not on your roster should be directed to their unit office (with a pass) for their new schedule.  Send absent student schedules to the appropriate unit office at the end of first block.  Only send students with an “empty” in their schedule to counselors for processing today.  For simplicity,
  • Second Semester Study Halls – ALL study halls will start in the FORUM through February 14th, study hall teachers can relocate their sections (to the assigned room) when they get to a manageable size.

Nice to Know:

  • Robotics Club Update: Click here for a picture and update about the Robotics Club and the up coming competition.
  • Colin Powell: Kids Need Structure – Click here to view a great TED Talk by General Powell
  • Better Lesson Website: Checkout the Better Lesson website for resources and ideas to support effective CCSS integration.
  • Do You Have a Bright Spot to Share? – District office is looking for people to share great moments, lessons, activities, events or accomplishments for a Good News newsletter. Send submissions to Laurel Heiden or myself and I will make sure they get them.
  • 8th Grade Parent Night – Join us on Feb 12th in the APAC at 7pm to welcome next years freshman parents.
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