5 Key Cognitive Strategies Required for Success in College and Career (from David Conley)

5 Strategies Required to be College and Career Ready: David Conley, in his book College and Career Ready: Helping all Students Succeed Beyond High School, suggests what he refers to as 5 “key cognitive strategies” that are essential for a student to succeed in college and careers.  These high leverage strategies that lead to success in college and careers are:

  • Problem Formulation – The ability to develop and apply multiple strategies to formulate routine and non routine problems.
  • Research – The ability to identify appropriate resources to help answer a question or solve a problem.
  • Interpretation – The ability to analyze competing and conflicting descriptions of an even of issue.
  • Communication – The ability to construct a well reasoned argument or proofs to explain phenomena,  issues, critiques or points of view.
  • Precision and Accuracy – The ability to know what type of precision is appropriate to a task of subject area and increase accuracy through successive tasks. (College and Career Ready, pg 34)

Our responsibility at educators is to ensure that we are preparing our students to succeed after they graduate and head on to college.  I would encourage you to reflect on these 5 strategies and consider how well you feel you integrate them into your daily, weekly, or monthly pedagogy and planning.

We are a part of something big.  What we do is really significant.  The more time we take to reflect on and refine what we do, the better off our students will be.

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