Athena High Staff Update – Week 19

Bright Spots: There is a lot of really great work being done be people here at Athena.  I wanted to start this week by highlighting a few of the committees that have been working hard to make Athena a great place to work and learn.

  • The Athena Way Committee has been working hard on the Tier 2 roll out of Check in Check Out (CICO).  It began this week to great success.  Several of these at risk students, identified by you, have shared with me how much this is helping.  Two of them were absolutely beaming with pride when they told me “I haven’t been tardy to a class yet since this started.”
  • The Professional Development Committee has been hard at work putting together a differentiated menu of PD options.  You will find in your mailbox a flyer describing the sessions.  Or click here to download a digital copy.

Walkthroughs and CCSS Integration: The first CCSS skill we have introduced and integrated has been Close Reading.  We began learning about this skill last year and have received several trainings as a staff on Close Reading over the past several months.  Next week we will begin learning about the CCSS skill of making Evidence Based Claims. As administrators we will begin using our walkthroughs to collect baseline data about how effectively we are implementing these two skills when we have our students reading and writing.  While we all teach a wide range of content, we all use analytical reading and analytical writing as tools to help our students learn.  Please make sure you are using the strategies and steps shared during staff meetings pertaining to these two CCSS skills.  Together wee are creating powerful synergy around the learning framework for each of our students

How Effective Am I?Effective instruction is not about whether we taught it. It’s about whether the students learned it” (Paul Bambrick-Santoya). This is a quote we have probably all heard at one point or another.  As we think about our implementation of the CCSS, I would encourage you to reflect on how you are going about implementing the CCSS shifts and skills into your daily practice as well as how you are monitoring student mastery of these critical skills.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Staff Meeting – We will be in the Cafeteria at 2pm to learn about the CCSS Skill of Making Evidence Based Claims.  English teachers will be in Mrs. Master’s room.
  • Call Home for At Risk Students – Please call and speak with parents of students at risk of failing your class prior to the end of the quarter.  You should also speak with parents of students whose grades are dropping dramatically.
  • Email Admin About At Risk Students – Let admin know about students you are worried may fail so we can pester them as well. If you let us know what they need to do that would help.
  • Academic Detention for Failing 9th Graders – 9th graders failing classes at 15 weeks have been completing run around sheets for me.  If they are still failing they are being assigned Academic Detention for the rest of the quarter after school in the library starting Tuesday. Stop by if you need to connect with them or want to help out.  This was very successful last quarter.
  • Budget Cut Off February 28th – Make sure all purchases are made by this date.
  • Missing a Staff Meeting – With the increasing demands of the CCSS implementation we need to ensure that all staff receive the staff development offered each week. Make up meetings will be offered for anyone who misses a staff meeting on Wednesday mornings at 8am and Thursday afternoons at 2pm.  If you miss a PLC Meeting please work with your PLC Team and administrator to get caught up.
  • Winter Pep Assembly – Student Leadership will run a Pep Assembly honoring our winter athletes on January 30th during the last block.  If you have any reasons why your class can’t attend please discuss with your AP.
  • January Exam Week Proctoring Assignments – Make sure you read the email from Paulette for your assignments.
  • Regents Exam ScheduleClick here for the schedule.
  • Students on Pass Restriction – A list of students on pass restriction will be generated daily on the same email sent by Anna Christopher regarding staff attendance.  Students on this list should not be granted passes for any reason.  In the case of emergency (~1 per month) an escort can be called by contacting the unit office.  If you see these students in the halls, either escort them to class or contact a unit office immediately.  If the student is missing from your class, contact a unit office immediately.  All students and parents are aware of this arrangement.  Thank you so much for your help.

Have a great long weekend.  See you on Tuesday!

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