Athena Update – Week 18

Digging in to Our Data:

  • 25% – The decrease in incidents of defiance and disrespect (documented on referrals) in comparison to last year at this time.
  • 10% – The increase in tardies and truancies (documented on referrals) in comparison to last year at this time.

We Have Targeted Respect as a Staff this Year through Our Mini-Lessons: At the end of last year the PBIS Committee polled the staff and asked what behaviors we should address collectively through our advisement mini-lesson discussions. The Athena Way Team (new name for the PBIS Committee) has been working hard to help align our focus around teaching our students how to behave in an appropriate way at our school.  I want to take a moment to commend the members of this team for their dedication and hard work to helping us tackle the concerns around student culture and behavior at Athena.  Together we are making a difference. When we take time to intentionally teach what we expect as a staff and a community we see an impact.  We still have a long way to go, but the data indicates that in terms of addressing respect we are headed in the right direction.  We will continue to address respect and defiance. However, we clearly must also begin to address the truancy and tardy issue as a community in a collective way as well.

WalkThroughs and Feedback: We are all on a journey of continuous improvement.  This means we must all continue to seek out and be open to feedback.  The walkthrough process is intended to foster this continuous growth cycle for all of us.  The administrators have weekly school visits from district office to provide us with feedback and guidance on how we are doing so we are continually growing and improving.  Likewise administrators are visiting classrooms on a daily basis to share feedback and help you on your continual improvement journey.  Please do not view this practice as anything other then a resource to help us all improve. As we continue to discuss and dialogue around what works best in our profession, we will all get better and the students will benefit.

Need to Know:

  • This Tuesday’s Staff Meeting (Jan 14th): This week is a PLC Meeting.  Continue the CFA work you have been engaged in throughout the year.  If you have any questions, see your administrator.
  • Next Tuesday’s Staff Meeting (Jan 21st): We will have a Staff Meeting on the 21st to make up for the one we missed during the Snow Day last week. We will switch the PLC Meeting that was scheduled for the 21st to the mid-term exam week.
  • Athena Way Discussions on Thursday in Advisement: Wear your Athena Way Shirts on Thursday and make sure you take time in advisement to facilitate this weeks discussion. Together we can make a difference, but only if we all do this together!
  • Mid Term Week Proctoring Information: Please read the attached documents from Jackie regarding your responsibilities during mid term week.
  • Mid Term Week Teaching: During the entire last week of January students will be taking Regents Exams.  Please do not schedule tests that week or teach major new content as many students will be missing classes to take their exams. Please plan for mid terms to be taken the week before or the week after as testing modifications are not available that week.
  • Check In Check Out (CICO) Begins this Week: This new targeted intervention begins this week.  Refer to previous emails about the details.  This intervention will target students identified by you as needing extra attention and support.  Click here for a short video about what CICO is all about. See James if you would like to join this effort.

Nice to Know:

  • Boys Basketball Games Streamed Live: One of our parents is now streaming the games live.  Click here to visit the website.
  • Good Girl Gone Geek: Great video about the opportunities for women in tech fields, click here.
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