BOCES to Conduct State Required Radon Testing

BOCES will be starting a State mandated Radon Testing  process in our district on Monday, January 6 and have scheduled the entire month of January as needed to perform their work.  They do not have a specific schedule of schools as the nature of this work precludes them from easily doing that.  They will be placing a hockey puck sized canister in each occupied space which comes in contact with the ground.  Canisters will be placed on Mondays and Tuesdays and will be picked up on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  They need to remain in an undisturbed state for at least 48 hours.  They will be entering classrooms while occupied as the district-wide task is too large to perform after hours. It is imperative that classroom doors remain closed while the canisters are in the room.   This is also a code requirement and should be followed as a regular part of the school day. Following is a brief explanation which may be helpful:

“As part of  the State Education Departments’ Uniform Safety Standards for School Construction and Maintenance, all New York State school districts are responsible for understanding the geological potential for high levels of radon and to test and mitigate as appropriate.  The Monroe County area, in general, is known to have levels of radon lower than the action level based on information provided by the New York State Department of Health. However, at the recommendation of BOCES, and with the intent to take an over abundance of caution, the district plans to test our facilities for compliance.

The initial step in conducting the testing is to place detectors in all frequently occupied classrooms, office spaces, gyms, cafeterias, etc. that are in contact with the ground or are above a crawl space or unoccupied basement areas. Areas that are not to be tested are unoccupied storage areas, rest rooms, locker rooms, hallways, mechanical spaces, stairwells, etc.. Any space that is not currently occupied but could be in the future will be also tested.  The detectors are a non-toxic, charcoal canister about the size of a hockey puck and will be placed in an inconspicuous area in each space. There are no lights, sounds or smells emitted from these canisters and they will not affect instruction. Classroom doors cannot be left open to the halls while testing is being performed.

The detectors will need to be in place for a two to three day period and it is important that they are in place when the buildings are occupied.  This helps with the validity of the test. The detectors will then be collected and analyzed by an accredited laboratory.  We will notify each building of the results and future plans for testing, if necessary.”


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