Athena Staff Update – Week 17

Reflections on a New Year: As a new year begins, most of us take time to reflect on where we have been and how we have grown over the past 12 months. Many of us have set new goals and resolutions for the year ahead that address ways in which we want to improve and strengthen the quality of our lives, our relationships and our work.  I am excited and energized at the opportunities each new year brings and am thrilled to have the privilege and the honor of continuing to push forward together with each of you in our pursuit of continual improvement towards the goal of ensuring that our graduates are prepared for success in college and careers in the 21st century. What we do matters.  What we do has long term impact..  What we do changes the trajectory of the lives of our students.  This is exciting work.

Pursuing Greatness: As I think about our continual effort to improve and be great at what we do at Athena High School, the thoughts and ideas shared by Don Yaeger at the Assembly before the break continues to resonate with me.  Greatness is not an accident.  Greatness is not something for those who win the genetic lottery.  Greatness is something we can choose to be each and every day.  The book mark Don gave out identified 16 traits shared by the truly great people he had encountered.  Don sorted these character traits into 4 categories.  According to Don, to be great we must reflect on and continually improve how we think, prepare, work and live.  I find it inspiring that I have the power to accomplish great things by taking the time to reflect on and work at each of these areas in my life.  Here’s to a great year ahead of us!

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday is a Staff Meeting: Meet in the cafe at 2pm on Tuesday.  We will have a presentation on the CCSS of Evidence Based Claims by our Teacher Leaders and BOCES Literacy Coach.
  • BOCES Conducting Radon Testing This MonthClick here for details.  Specifically each classroom at some point this month will have a small hockey puck sized canister placed in it for a couple days to measure Radon levels per a state required policy.
  • Athena Improvement Team Meets Monday: We will meet from 2-3:30.  Click here for the agenda.
  • Half Day on Monday January 27th: To accommodate all 11th grade students taking the Regent’s Exam we will have a half day on the 27th.  We will only have periods 1,2 and 3 that day.  Dismissal will be at 10:15.  You will have an hour for lunch.  Information about proctoring schedules and PD sessions for the afternoon will be forthcoming.
  • Grading and PD Day on Friday January 31:  Students do not report to school on the 31st.  This day is used for grading district mandated exams.  Teachers who do not have a grading assignment will have PD on this day.
  • Check In Check Out Intervention Beginning: The Athena Way Team (formerly PBIS) will begin implementing a new intervention in January for our at risk students that you identified during a staff meeting in November.  This intervention will involve having certain students check in with a mentor/adult in the morning and again have them check out with that same adult in the afternoon. Students will be setting James will be sending out more specifics on how this will work in the coming days.

Nice to Know:

  • The Frozen Frontier GameClick here for pictures and videos from the outdoor Greece Storm Game at Frontier Field. This redirects to Facebook.
  • Basketball Beats Fairport (Video)Click here for a video on our blog.
  • Basketball Game and J-Mac Jersey Retirement PicturesClick here to view them on Facebook.
  • Flipped Classroom Overview (Video)Click here to view a great video on the
  • Summer School Employment: If you are interested in teaching summer school the postings are now up on the BOCES website.
  • Don Yaeger VisitClick here to view a few pictures from Don’s visit to Athena.
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