Staff Update – Week 15

Hello Team,

AIT Ratified a New Vision Statement to Guide our School: The Athena Improvement Team reviewed the staff input on the revision of the Athena Vision to align with the district strategic plan vision statement.  76 votes were submitted.  74 voted in favor of the proposed vision statement. 1 person deferred to the committee and one voted for merging the two statements. The new Athena Vision Statement is as follows: 
 “Graduates of Athena High School will be prepared for the challenges of college and careers in the 21st century.”
Need to Know:
  • Tuesday Meeting is in Departments – Information will come from your administrator regarding part of the agenda for your department meeting on Tuesday.  However, you will also have time to address any department specific issues that need to be discussed.
  • PLC Cycle 2 – PLC Cycle 2 should be done and turned into your administrator for feedback.
  • Assembly for Lower House on Tuesday – During the last block (Advisement for lower house) all 9th and 10th grade students will be called down.  Please stay tuned for details from James on Monday.
  • Grading Period Ends on Friday – The grading period ends on friday and all grades must be posted by December 17th.
  • New Safety Cards and Procedures – You were recently given new (blue) safety cards.  We will review these at the next staff meeting. Make sure you familiarize yourself incase of an emergency before the next meeting.
  • Assembly for All on December 20th – Motivational speaker Don Yaeger (author of The Blind Side) will be here on the last day of school before the break to speak with our students.  Student Leadership is running this assembly and will provide details next week.
  • Pirate Toy Fundraiser – Thursday, NHS will be around to collect toys from first block classes.  The class with the highest percentage of students giving gifts will receive a prize.
Nice to Know
  • Advisement Poll – In order to help us plan for next year, you will receive a poll about the split advisement versus the old way of doing advisement.  This information will help us reflect on our current system and help with our planning for next year.
  • Bright Spot – The Athena Way Committee (formerly the PBIS Committee) reported results from the school culture survey to AIT.  One particular area of significant improvement was staff perception of PBIS implementation.  Last year only 22% indicated that we were implementing it with fidelity.  This year we improved by 36% to 58% in this area.  
Hope you all have a great week!
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