NHS Holiday Project – Pirate Toy Fund

In the days following our return from break next week, hopefully you will see some advertisements for our NHS Holiday Project. We will have a “First Block Toy Drop Off” designated for Thursday , Dec. 12th (H day)…you know, for Ho-Ho-Ho! What this means is we are asking students from 9-12  (and staff if you so choose!) to bring a toy to donate to the Pirate Toy Fund during 1st block class.

We expect to have a box placed in each first class room before 12/12 (there are about 44 of you). And then our NHS students will come around shortly after the start of the 1st block to pick up any donations from you. Later we hope to deliver all the donations to  the drop off at Greece Ridge Mall.

If you have any questions, please let me know. I will provide a list of students who will come by to pick up the donations once that is finalized. If you feel appropriate, you can start to mention this to your first block classes, and I do hope we’ll have a few posters around the building for reminders.

(If you have any questions, see Tricia Saltzberg)

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