Staff Update – Week 12

Hello Team,

Collective Response Makes a Difference: I have received a lot of positive feedback from many of you, district office employees and parents about our response as a community to the fights from a week ago. Our 5 day commitment to limited students in the halls during class and maximized staff presence in the halls during passing had a profound impact. This week we will begin shifting from our “Secure Building” process.  However we will continue to limit students to leaving the classrooms unless it is absolutely necessary.

Bright Blue Bathroom Passes: You will find in your mailboxes a bright blue Bathroom pass with your name on it.  Please use this pass only to send students to the bathroom. Please use this pass only when it is essential.  Virtually all other reasons to leave the classroom should be limited unless it is an absolute emergency.

Need to Know

  • Tuesday Meeting is PLC Time: We will begin our second CFA cycle.  Work with your teams and administrators to begin planning your next CFA.
  • New Teacher Safety Cards: This week you will receive new (yellow) Teacher Safety Cards.  Please post in your rooms and throw away the old ones.
  • PBIS Lesson on Thursday: Wear your Trojan Shirts on Thursday as we will do our 2nd PBIS mini lesson in advisement on that day.
  • Course Selection Sheets on Friday: Students will be bringing you there course selection sheets to receive your recommendations about what courses to take next year.  Please plan accordingly.
  • Work Requested for Absent Students: If a student is medically absent or suspended from school we are legally obligated to provide the work that is missed. When you receive an email requesting work, please bring it to the Unit Office requesting it within 24 hours.
  • Lunch 3 Dismissal: We have had a lot of students arriving 5 minutes early to lunch 3.  Please ensure that you hold your students until the end of each class.

Nice to Know

  • 60% of all Students Made the Honor Roll: That is 716 students who had an average of 85 or better for the first quarter.  Over 70% of the freshman class earned this honor.  We have great students.
  • Announcements on the TVs: If you would like to promote a class for course requests, a club or a fundraiser on our TVs, please send a PPT slide to Larry Frisa and Emily Rounding.
  • 27 Ways to Check for UnderstandingCheck out this incredible infographic on tips for interactive ways to determine which students mastered the learning for class.
  • 21st Century Learning Skills: They show up all over the NYSUT Rubric.  Click here if you want to learn more.
  • Purpose of the Tri-State Rubric: Some teachers have expressed concerns about the Tri-State Rubric activity we did two weeks ago. Just to clarify, that is a tool developed by the state to help us self assess our CCSS implementation.  The purpose of that activity was to begin to expose us to the tool.  If you have any questions see any administrator.
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