Staff Update – Week 11

Today was different… the desire of our staff and students to establish a different path for our school and our community was palpable.  The mail courier (who was unaware of the events of yesterday) came in to the building and immediately noticed a difference.  He commented that things felt different… that the building seemed settled.  I think this is a testament to the efforts of each individual member of our team.  While yesterday was not good, we are moving forward together with a determination that I am energized by.  Many of you have said to me… this is how our halls should always feel.  I could not agree more.

Next week we will continue our Secure Building Protocol and asking that students only leave class if it is an emergency or with an escort.  We recognize that escorts are limited and appreciate the patience required for this effort.  We will also continue to expect that every staff member is in the hall throughout each passing time.  It truly makes a difference.  Many students have approached me to say thank you for putting these measures in place.  Granted, some have complained that it is not fair that a few have ruined it for all.  To these students I have indicated that it is not fair… but that it is essential for now to establish the Trojan Way of doing things.  We will reintroduce passes.  However, we must first ensure that we are establishing a renewed emphasis on what we insist on as appropriate behavior.  We are making a difference.  Thank you for the unity on this issue.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday is a Staff Meeting – We will be in the Cafe at 2pm.  We will be discussing what we want the Trojan Way to look like and how we will move forward.  This session will be led by the PBIS committee.
  • Quarter Grades Due Tuesday – Just a reminder the lowest grades a student can be given is 55% for first and second quarter. Please ensure your grades are posted on time per Diane Gallipeau’s email.
  • Principal Secretary Change – Melanie Williams has decided to take a position as a secretary at District Office in Human Resources.  This move will occur next week.  Lilian Agostinelli will be subbing in my Office starting Wednesday.  We hope to back fill the position with in the next few weeks.
Nice to Know:
  • Teacher’s Guide to GenX Parents – Check out this great resource from Edutopia on how Gen X parents are different then previous generations of parents.  Its good.
  • Parent’s Guide to 21st Century Skills – Another great resource from Edutopia.  I shared this with parents in the last Parent eNews as an idea of how they can support the new ways we are teaching and creating learning experiences in our classrooms.
  • Motivating Students in Math – Click here to view a great post on motivation in math… not just for math teachers.

Enjoy the extra day… get some rest.  What you do matters… but it is draining at times.  Enjoy a much needed break.

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