Message from the PTSA

Calling all staff members of the Athena Middle an High Schools –  Administrators, Teachers, Staff Support, Office Support.  There is a friendly School Competition between Athena and Arcadia Middle and High Schools to see how many PTSA memberships schools can obtain to win a FREE PIZZA LUNCH from the Greece Council PTA!   Chrystal Camera, Membership Chairperson, has been counting our staff who have paid for PTA membership and reports that we still have many staff who haven’t became PTSA members yet!     The membership drive is NOT just for Teachers — it for everyone who supports our STUDENTS !    So please get your membership dues in by Friday, November 15th.    If you don’t have the forms, just put your $5(cash or checks made out to Athena PTSA)  in an envelop and write your name and if you are from the MS or HS inside the envelope and put it in the PTSA mailbox located on both MS and HS offices.
For the staff who have already signed up and paid for their PTSA membership — THANK YOU and you should have already received your membership cards.   A special thank you to the staff who sent in an extra donation – every amount counts towards supporting all of our students with what the PTSA provides (family awareness, programs -both academically and socially, etc).

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