Staff Update – Week 9

Hello Team,

The WalMart Greeter Phenomenon: The person who stands at the door and greets you as you enter your local WalMart is actually one of the most financially profitable employees in the store. Although he or she doesn’t work with merchandise or money they are more valuable to Walmart than nearly any other employee.  Researchers at the WalMart corporate headquarters have discovered and leveraged a fascinating phenomenon in the human psyche. When looked in the eye and greeted verbally, humans are much less likely to act in a deviant way.  It is almost as though we feel recognized and remembered when we are acknowledged and that simple act can alter behavior. This simple strategy saves WalMart millions of dollars a year in theft prevention.  Imagine the impact we can have on our culture over time as we follow our collective commitment of standing in the halls and greeting students in a positive way during passing times.  This simple act can reduce the number of disrespectful and defiant interactions simply because students know we are watching and establishing the tone of expected interaction as a team. 

Tuesday Meeting – PLC Teams: Analyze your CFA data as as a team using the CFA Team Protocol (Click here) This is the end of a three meeting cycle of PLCs and each team should provide the following documents to your Administrator for feedback:

  • Copy of the CFA (with Essential Standards it is assessing identified somehow)
  • Copy of the CFA Data (how ever you gathered and sorted the data)
  • Copy of the CFA Team Protocol sheet

You will only need to provide these documents to your administrator once every 5 week cycle.

Need to Know:

  • PBIS Respect Lesson Monday in Advisement: We are your PBIS T-Shirt on Monday and get ready to present our first Respect activity in advisement.  See James or Anne if you have any questions.
  • Email Administrators About At Risk Students: If you have any students that you feel are at risk of not passing this quarter please let the Assistant Principal know who they are and what the students need to do to be proficient for the quarter. Jason will be working with 9th graders.  We are working to support your efforts to provide interventions needed to help ensure that each student passes. 
  • Administrative Walkthrough Focus: The admin team continues to focus on the high lever focus areas we studied together during the October PD Day.  We will share out our building wide trends and data analysis at an upcoming staff meeting as a baseline of where we are on each of the 6 areas.
  • Two Steps Toward College & Career ReadinessCheckout this link to an email I sent home to over 1100 parents sharing a bit about how Athena is implementing the CCSS and expecting all students to sign up for a stretch course for next year.
  • Summer Building Closure: Just to clarify, the building will be close during the summer of 2015…NOT 2014.

Nice to Know:

Staff Provided Announcements:

  • Audio Visual Needs: See Emily Rounding if you have AV needs such as speakers for computers.
  • Consistency When Filling Out a Referral: Staff need to enter exact location of incident (i.e. room #, hallway etc. and time of incident). This would make it much easier and less time consuming for the entering of the referral.
  • Missing Library iPod: One of our iPods went missing from the learning center– room 205. Barcode on it isGRAT041630
  • NHS Faculty Council Member Needed: We need at least 1 new member. See Tricia Saltzberg if you are interested. 
  • NHS Student Tutors Available: The NHS Tutoring Coordinator, Rachel Wallmann, has now compiled a spreadsheet of member availability times and preferred subject areas. We have an updated Tutoring Request Form (click the link). She also set up an email address so requests could be emailed to her directly ( ). I will also have copies of this form made available in the Main Office.
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