Ticket Out the Door Responses from 10.15.2013 Staff Meeting

Here is the synthesis of the feedback you all shared through the tickets out the door yesterday. Click here for the complete synopsis of responses. The following is a list of the most frequently shared responses to each question:

1) SIP Question 1 – What is one way you can support the SIP beyond the PLC process as we move forward together?

  • 17 – Reinforce the PBIS Collective Commitments and Mini Lessons
  • 13 – Improve classroom instruction (Tier 1 interventions)
  • 12 – Integrate Data Driven Instruction into classroom
  • 8   – Improve CCSS Knowledge
  • 7   – Encourage and promote students to enroll in college level classes

2) SIP Question 2 – What questions do you have about the SIP that were not answered? (answers in italics)

  • (6 people asked) What does “Developing Human Capital and Professional Capacity” mean?
    • It means looking for ways to continually support each persons ongoing professional growth. We are always improving our practice and the Strategic Plan simply looks to ensure that this process of continual improvement remains a district wide focus.
  • (4 people asked) Is the SIP flexible and can it be revisited?
    • Yes, our SIP is a living document that is to be revisited and interacted with regularly.  AIT will have as a standing agenda item to review our progress and revisit the action steps embedded in it.
  • How often will the SIP be revisited?
    • Monthly by AIT
  • (4 people asked) How can we be using the ELA Regents Exam when it is being replaced by the CCSS Exam?
    • The CCSS English Exam will be the measure we are held accountable to through both NYSED State Accountability and the Envision Greece 2017 Strategic Plan. 
  • (2 people asked) What is a data wall?
    • A data wall is a means of visualizing important data.  There are a wide range of ways they can be done. Each unit office has maintained data walls over the past two years and we will continue to do so.  This year our data walls will include every single students and we will indicate passing or failing grades every 5 weeks for each student in each course. The Reading teachers have additional examples of data walls showing student progress in reading levels, and credit attainment.

3) Our PLC Progression – What aspects about the CFA process do you need more PD about?

  • 19 – Provide more time
  • 7 – Analyzing CFA Data effectively
  • 4 – How do we modify instruction based on CFA data’
  • 4 – PD on CCSS and its role in the CFA
  • 4 – Support for integrating 21st Century Learning skills into the CFAs


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