Shared Decision Making Process Used to Develop a Building Wide APPR Goal at Athena High

The Athena improvement team used our shared decision making process to arrive at a collaboratively developed building wide APPR goal.  The first draft of the goal was originally worked on and developed through the Athena Improvement Team in the summer.  We looked at a wide range of data from state assessments, staff feedback, the NYSED Reform Agenda, and our PLC progress.  We then developed our SIP for the year.  The building goal was drawn from the parts of the SIP that we all share and will be collaborating on during the school year.  We selected parameters for this goal that would allow us to leverage the PLC time throughout the year.

Administration shared the goal with the senior GTA reps for the building for feedback.  Next the tentative goal was shared with the staff via the weekly staff email, the staff blog, and a memo in staff mailboxes.  We used these forums to ask for staff feedback and input.  All feedback received pertaining to this goal was positive and constructive.

AIT then held an open meeting to discuss and ultimately vote on the goal.  AIT unanimously approved the adoption of the following building goal based on the data and staff feedback:

We will develop and complete CFA’s through our PLC Teams that are based on our agreed upon Essential Learning Standards and align to the NYSED Reform Agenda.”

Although the vote was unanimous and no negative feedback was shared with AIT or administration, staff have been informed that if they do not feel this goal represents them or if they have any reservations to the use of this goal, they can choose to set a different goal in place of the building goal.

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