High School is the Training Camp for Life

The following is an excerpt from Jason Gianotti’s “A Note from the Principal” from this weeks Parent eNews.  

I have a tremendous amount of appreciation for how boxers train and prepare for each competition. These athletes go through long and grueling training camps in preparation for each fight. They monitor their exercise, diet and rest with a meticulous attention to detail. The quality, rigor and intensity of the training camp strongly correlates to how well an athlete does in the ring.

In many ways, high school is like a training camp.  We are preparing each of our students for success in college and career.  How well prepared they are for the challenges of life after high school correlates to how well we help them prepare now. We must support our young scholars as they persevere at the point of struggle, push through the mental fatigue of rigorous classes and engage them in a full curriculum. Students often request to drop difficult classes or chose not to enroll in challenging courses out of the fear of how difficult it will be.  We need to work together to help students shift their mindset regarding the purpose of these classes.  It is through the challenge and rigor of tough classes, that our students develop the fortitude and intellectual stamina required to go the distance in life.

The vision of our school, as outlined in the Envision Greece 2017 Strategic Plan, is to ensure that ‘Graduates of the Greece Central School District will be prepared for the challenges of college and careers in the 21st century.’ In order to fulfill this vision, we will continue to encourage every student to take challenging stretch classes.  We will also continue to ask students not to request course drops from difficult classes. Instead we will look to work together with parents and guardians to help support each of our students to persevere through the struggles of a rigorous curriculum.

High school is the training camp for life! Together we can help each student emerge from their 4 years at Athena High School ready to tackle whatever challenges will face them.  Together we can ensure that each of our students will thrive.

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