Staff Update – Week 6

Hello Team, 

It is difficult to believe that the first marking period of the year is drawing to a close.  Grades are due on Tuesday. The year seems to be flying by. I am thoroughly impressed by the incredible people I get to work with.  I have had the change to visit most classes and am thrilled by what I see.  We have incredible teachers and staff.  I have also sat in numerous meetings recently to reflect on various processes and scheduling issues and love how we have great minds working collaboratively to solve problems and continuously improve our systems.  I have also had the opportunity to set goals for the year for myself and with numerous teachers.  You are pushing yourselves to high levels and are seeking to continue to become better at what you do.  I love Athena and the staff we have.

Framing our PLC Focus for this Year: For the past two years we have been working through our PLC Progression. This is a research based and systematic way to leverage the power of teams of professionals learning, growing and reflecting in regards to the essentials of teaching and learning.  Each year, we progress to a higher level of professional collaboration.  Two years ago we focused on ensuring each PLC Team is a high performing one.  Last year we focused on ensuring that we have a guaranteed and viable curriculum. This year our PLC focus is the development of high quality common formative assessments (CFAs). Each year we will revisit all the preceding focus areas to ensure that we continue to grow in each area and don’t slowly drift away from what we know works. If you want to see the full PLC Progress click here.

Tuesday Meeting is with PLC Teams: This we we will be working with our PLC Teams to complete the Check Point #1 & 2 self assessments rubrics (you have done this before in previous years) These documents are available in each Unit Office or by clicking here (Check Point 1 – Becoming a High Performing Team, Check Point 2 – Guaranteed and Viable Curriculum). This should only take about 10 minutes each as it is a review of work you have done in previous years. If you have time remaining your team can use it to get ahead as a team and begin planning for a CFA on a topic you will be covering soon.

Need to Know:

  • Mini Lesson on Respect: We are asking that every teacher take 3-4 minutes during 3rd block on Monday and Tuesday to help teach positive respectful behavior. In your mailboxes you will find a copy of a mini lesson on teaching respectful behavior that we used last year and found quite positive.  Click here for an electronic copy. Together we can make an impact. A reminder will be made on the announcements
  • Small Changes to Lunch Times: In your mailbox you will receive a sheet with the lunch passing times. Some minor changes to times have been made. Please review and post this document on your door.  Lunch times are complex and this will provide a common reference point throughout the building. Once we are satisfied that the times in place are working, we will be printing larger posters.
  • X:/ Drive Files Must: ALl personal files must be removed from the X:/ by Wednesday. All work related documents can remain. This is a directive from the technology department.  If you have any questions see me. 
  • 5 Week Grades Due: The grading window closes on October 8th at 3:30
  • AIT on Monday: Our school improvement team will have our October meeting on Monday at 2pm.  All are welcome. Click here for the agenda.  Click here to review the draft of the school improvement plan (the password for this post is “trojanpride”)
  • PD Day AgendaClick here to view the agenda for our October 11th PD Day.  We will begin in the gym.

Nice to Know:

  • Support Staff Hiring Update: We appreciate your grace as we continue to look to fill our staffing vacancies. We are interviewing for an additional TA to support the large study hall supervision issues.  We have several candidates fall through.  We will be continuing the interviews on Monday.  As you may know NancyJo is moving from Budget Clerk to Attendance Clerk.  We are therefore in need of another secretary to fill our support staff.  We are on our 4th round of interviews and have had difficulty finding a suitable candidate.

I know this has been a lot for one email.  Thanks for reading.  What you do matters.  You make a difference every day.  I love working with you.

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