Staff Update – Week 5

We are not officially 10% of the way finished the year. Short on time today… so this will be short! Just the need to know information.

  • Tuesday Staff Meeting: 2pm in the Cafe! We will have Greg Alquist joining us to share about the topic of teaching from a Growth Mind-Set.  Greg was the Teacher of the Year for New York State. We will also have a brief Twilight Academy Update.
  • APPR Update – The Building Goal: Thank you for those of you who have provided feedback on the building goal.  Just a point of clarification.  If you are uncomfortable with the proposed building goal, please speak with me or your AP.  This is to be a collaborative and collegial process focused on helping each of us grow together.  AIT Will review all the input at the October Meeting.
  • AIT Meeting: We meet on the first Monday of each month at 2pm.  Feel free to join us.  Or check out the AIT blog for information.
  • PD Committee: The PD Committee is a sub committee of AIT and is charged with helping plan the PD focus of the year and the specific sessions for the October PD day as well as Tuesday staff meetings. Let Jason Gianotti or Karen Brockman know if you are interested in joining the team.
  • Parking Decal: Make sure your parking decal is displayed on your car.  Security will begin sweeping the lot periodically next week.
  • New Teacher Leader: Michelle Scamacca is the New Social Studies Teacher Leader.
  • Visiting a Colleagues Classroom: If anyone is interested in doing peer class visits in a colleagues classroom please let me know so I can help facilitate that through sub coverage. Peer class visits are a great way to learn and grow from one another.
  • Collective Commitments: Please continue to support the collective commitments we have made as a building through the AIT and PBIS teams.  These will be revisited by AIT as needed to ensure that we are working collaboratively to do what we feel is best for all students.  There is power when we work together. This week during our random data collection during passing times our average number of adults was up to 21.  This represents an increase of 6 people. Thank you for your continued effort to establish the cultural expectations we want for our halls.
  • Grade Reporting Time TableClick here for the specific dates for reporting grades in IC.

Hope you all have a great week!


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