Staff Update – Week 4

What a week… My ears are still ringing from the energy and exuberance of the Pep Assembly.  It was great to see so many students and staff so filled with spirit and excited to be a part of our community.  A special thanks to Amy McCabe and John Clifford for their hard work. Also, a special thank you to Melanie Williams for her hard work and dedication to making Curriculum night a success.  Several parents and guardians commented on how helpful and informative their time was with teachers and staff.  One parent actually decided to reconsider withdrawing a request to have their student drop out of an AP class because they were so impressed with the teacher.  You never know the power of each interaction you have with students and parents. Thank you to everyone for your professionalism and dedication to excellence. Here are a few things to be aware of this week:

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday PLC Meeting – Review CCSS Lesson Developed last June: Tuesday we will meet in PLC Teams to revisit the CCSSLesson you developed during PD last June.  We will use this time to review the work we began in June and plan to implement an CCSS aligned lesson leveraging the Close Reading Strategy.  We recognize that each team is at a different place, so if you are not sure what you are working on see your administrator. Click here for a list of PLC Teams. We will end this session with an opportunity for you to reflect on what of close reading you feel you could benefit from further PD.
  • Collective Commitments: Please remember to be in the halls as often as possible and to follow the steps agreed upon prior to writing a referral.
  • APPR Building Wide Goal:  We will have one building goal that we will all share.  This goal has been collaboratively developed by AIT, GTA Senior Reps and the Admin team.  It comes right out of our SIP for this year and all artifacts and work towards this goal will be worked on during PLC time this year. The Building Goal is: “We will develop and complete CFA’s through our PLC Teams that are based on our agreed upon Essential Learning Standards and align to the NYSED Reform Agenda.
  • APPR Goal Setting Meetings: These meetings will be held over the course of the next month.  In addition to the building goal, we will also each set at least one individual goal.
  • APPR Artifacts: Artifacts will only be collected to support your goals.  You do not need to collect evidence for any other standard areas then those that apply to your goals.
  • Committee Meetings for the YearClick here to view a list of all the committee meeting dates for the year.
  • GTA Meeting Tuesday: On Tuesday our PLC time will run from 2-2:45.  This will be followed by a short GTA meeting where Amy will review some APPR information and I will clarify something from opening day. It will be in the Forum.
  • Scheduling Update: We are now officially through one full 10 Day cycle. Thank you everyone for your patience and problem solving! A room availability document has been added to the M drive (Master Schedule 13-14) to access rooms for test accommodations.  Over the next two weeks we plan to tackle the remaining scheduling issues.  They will be tackled in this order:
    • relocating students that have been placed in “phantom study halls”
    • reducing lunch sizes to meet fire code
    • the hiring of a teaching assistant to support study halls
    • movement of study halls into rooms and/or the cafe
    • balancing classes over 30 and PE’s over 35.

Nice to Know:

  • Black and Gold Day Pictures are on Facebook Click here to view them.
  • PTSA Membership: When the form shows up in your mail box, please join this great organization and make the $5 donation. Thanks.
  • Chinese Dynasty Music Video:  If you haven’t watched it, click here.  Our kids can accomplish incredible things when we find an area they are passionate about.  Thanks for sharing this Carl!
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