Library Usage Information

Before School – No pass is required for a high school student to come and work in the library prior to the first bell.

Study Halls – Students must first visit their study hall classroom in order to receive a pass from that teacher to come to the library. Due to the fact that most study halls begin in the forum room, we ask that study hall monitors limit library visitors to 15 students per period. Please sign each student’s planner, and place their name on one of our study hall forms that we will provide to you. The study hall form should be sent up to us along with the students.

Advisements – If a student wishes to come visit us during advisement (this includes all 9-12th graders), they need to get a pre-signed pass from a library staff member either the morning of an advisement day, or the day before. We do not give passes during the passing time right before an advisement block is about to start as it often causes students to be late to class.

Lunches – We welcome students to join us during their lunch provided they have a pass from one of their content area teachers, or they can come to a library staff member ahead of time for a lunch pass.

After-School – We are open until 3:20 on most school days. Students can get a pass to join us after school from any library staff member, or any of their teachers.

During Class – If you need to send a student to the library during one of your classes, please call us ahead of time before sending that student with a pass. (We are at extension x4031)

This allows us to contact you should that student not arrive here as you requested, and helps to eliminate wandering.

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