Final Staff Update of the Summer

Happy Labor Day weekend.  I hope you enjoy one more weekend with friends and family before the new school year begins.  By now you should have received your Infinite Campus Schedule, and an update about last years bright spots and our focus areas for this coming year. Perhaps the most exciting thing about the coming year is that we have no new major initiatives.  AIT has been working on our School Improvement Plan and the areas we have been focused on will continue to be where we give our attention.

Need to Know:

  • Master Teacher Schedule – Click here to view the Master Schedule for teacher for the coming year.  This version is more readable than the IC version sent home earlier.  This is a draft.  There may be errors on it pertaining to room numbers.
  • We Have a New Assistant Principal – Welcome to James Palermo, the new Athena AP.  Click here to read a bit about James and see a picture of him and his family.
  • Updated Staff Handbook – The admin team and GTA reps worked for several months last spring to revise the staff handbook.  Click here for a digital version.  If you want a paper copy feel free to print one from the link.
  • Composite Scores are in MLP – Although your composite score from last year is not a surprise, they are now posted in MLP (if you are on the new APPR system).  In September or October, you will meet with your administrator to reflect on last year and set goals for the coming year.
  • September 3rd is Teacher Day – The first day of the new school year is your day to get ready for the year.  There are now administrative requirements of you that day.
  • September 4th is Opening Day and Ignition – We start at 8 in the APAC for the Superintendent’s Address (click here for invitation).  At 10:45 all staff members will line the gym hallway to greet our freshmen for Ignition orientation.  At 1:50 we will hold a joint staff meeting with the middle school staff to cover safety topics and the role of Teacher Leaders.
  • Ignition Information – Please reference the email for Mel & Mel from earlier in the week pertaining to your role and expectations during our freshman Ignition program
  • Student Schedules – On the first day of classes (Thursday) during first period, you will give students their finalized schedules.  Please make sure you pick these up on Thursday morning before first block.
  • Parking Changes – All staff will receive new parking decals and you can continue to park in the close section of the back lot.  The students are being assigned permits and specific parking lot numbers in the back of the back lot.  We will use these new procedures to monitor who is parking and address some of the issues we had last year.
  • Infinite Campus Training – Jerry Lamonica will be in the library on Tuesday from 8-3 to help anyone set up grade books or answer any questions about IC.
  • Setting Up Your Gradebook – Just a reminder, your grading system must align to the research on effective grading practices.  This was covered extensively last year.  If you have any questions ask any administrator for help or stop by my office and I have lots of books and research summaries.  Or click here for links to book summaries on the staff blog… there are three books on effective grading practices summarized.
  • CCSS Expectations – As you know this year we are in full swing with the Common Core.  All teachers are expected to begin implementing the CCSS in their classrooms.  Throughout the year we will spend most of our staff development time on this.  If you want a sneak peak into our PD calendar for the year, click here.
  • Administrative Responsibilities – click here for the updated admin responsibilities chart.
  • Day Rotation – Click here for a calendar with letter day rotation.

Nice to Know:

  • Video Tutorial for New Schedule – Click here to view videos explaining the new schedule.
  • Spirit Week – Homecoming is early this year. Click here for a schedule of the Spirit Days that Student Leadership is running.
  • Sophomore Class Advisor– We are still looking for someone to fill this advisor role.  See me if interested.
  • PLC Progression – We will continue this year with the PLC Progression and be focused on Check Point #3, which is Common Formative Assessment.  We will look to use CFA’s to help us assess how well students are mastering the essential learning standards and CCSS skills that we focus on throughout the year.
  • Short Animated Video on the CCSS – Click here to watch this interesting explanation.

Clearly we have some specific achievement gaps to target, but overall we are headed in the right direction.  This year, as I mentioned in the summer letter, we will continue to dig deeply into the CCSS, the PLC Progression and PBIS as a building wide framework for strategically teaching appropriate behavior.  It is with great anticipation that I look forward to the start of a new year with you and our students.  The best is yet to come.

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