Staff Update – 2013 Year End

Yesterday we had an incredible graduation ceremony celebrating the accomplishments of over 300 incredible young men and women. About 40 staff members were present to join in the celebration. Thank you to everyone who was there. Your impact in the growth of these students over the past 4 years has left an indelible mark on their lives. As they leave us to ultimately shape the future of our world, the life lessons you have instilled in them over the past several years will go with them into the next phase of their journey.

As we wrap up the school year, pack our things and begin to enjoy some much needed rest, I just want to recognize that we have just successfully completed a really challenging year. This year saw us navigating the second year of our SQR process, through which we have made incredible gains. It also saw the introduction of both the new evaluation system and the introduction of the Common Core. In spite of all the challenges and difficulties we have faced, we continue to put students and their learning first and I believe this is a testament to the incredible character and resolve of our staff.

We have continued to work collaboratively and professionally on the essential learning issues for students through our work in PLCs and every team is now positioned to move into year three of our PLC journey. Our RtI efforts have proven to be very successful at impacting our ability to ensure that all students learn at high levels and that we respond and take responsibility when they don’t learn the essentials. Although we have much room to geow in this area, we are clearly making strides in the systems and supports we have in place to ensure that all students learn at high levels.


Thank you to each and everyone of you for the tremendous hard work and dedication you have given in each of these areas over the past year. It is a privilege and an honor to work with such an incredible group of professionals.


Need to Know:
  • Monday Morning Meeting from 8-11: Final Staff Meeting of the year will be in the cafe
  • Summer School is Here: It will be here this year. All rooms will be used. Take valuables and personal belongings home.
  • New ScheduleClick here to review the tutorial shared at last weeks staff meeting
  • Next Years Room Matrix: The room matrix will be emailed as soon as we have it completed. It will also be posted on the blog. Due to the new schedule and other factors, the final matrix is not available yet.
  • Double Checking Final Grades: The new IC grading process (started last year) rounds grade to the nearest percent… Not necessarily up. Make sure that the students grades are what they should be. If a student earned a 63 or 64 you may want to review the accuracy of the grades.  Students should fail only based on not demonstrating the ability to know or do the essential learning of your class. They should not pass of fail based on rounded averages.
  • Intentional Power Outage – Friday between 8am and 3pm the power will be out due to RG&E work. You will not be able to come in during those hours.
  • SLO’s: If you had an extension and have not turned in your final SLO data and half sheet to Mel, you must do so prior to leaving for the summer.
  • Year End Checklist:  In order to leave on Tuesday for the summer, you must have completed the year end check list,  See main office if you have any questions
  • Jason’s Professional Feedback Survey: Please take the time to complete the survey I put in your mail box to help me improve as a principal.  I would love your honest, constructive feedback.

Have a great summer

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