Staff Update – Exam Week

Powerful Thought to PonderWe begin to craft around our intention… it takes time… there are thousands of no’s for every yes. We simplify. We perfect. We start over. Until everything we touch enhances each life it touches. Only then do we sign our work.” This quote comes from the intro video presented at yesterday’s Apple Developer Conference (click here to view the entire intro video). Although we have some constrains regarding our time and resources, there is a lot that we can learn from a company like Apple. The idea that excellence comes from simplifying, perfecting and continually reflecting on our progress until we enhance every life we touch is exactly what we are doing each an every day.  Our mission is for more critical than that of Apple.  We are changing lives and shaping history.  As we head into exam week and begin looking forward to our summer break, remember that the process of reflecting on this year, looking to simplify and perfect our practice is an essential part of our on going and systematic improvement as an organization.  It is not improvement for the sake of improvement… rather it is improvement for the sake of influencing each life with which we are entrusted. The work we do matters!

Upcoming Meetings: Click here for a tentative list of the meetings and PD sessions for the end of the year.

  • Tuesdays June 11th and 18th – Time allocated for grading your SLO post tests and tabulating your score out of 20
  • Thursday June 20th (8-11) – PD sessions on Olweus Bully Prevention and CCLS Curriculum Development
  • Friday June 21st (8-11) – PD Sessions on CCLS, work sessions with PLCs on Unit Development, CFA Development (depending on time)
  • Monday June 24th (8-11) – Year End Updates, PBIS, AIT and Department Bright Spots.

AIT UpdatesClick here for the minutes from the June AIT meeting.  Highlights include:

  • Two Collective Commitments (Unanimous Vote): Two new Collective Commitments based on survey and staff meeting feedback as well as the work of the PBIS Committee. The new Collective Commitments are pertaining to the alignment of student accountability for minor offenses (1st offense = talk with student, 2nd offense = communicate with parent, 3rd offense = teacher determined consequence, 4 offense = referral) and greeting students at the doorway of the classroom.  More information about these commitments will be shared soon.
  • Split Advisement (Unanimous Vote): Following staff feedback AIT has decided to split advisement into two different blocks.  Details to be determined.
  • Mandatory ID’s for Students (Voted down by a score of 1:4) – AIT determined that while this measure sounds good, it would take to much attention to be successful and that it would compete with other priorities for the coming year.

Need to Know:

  • SLO Calculations Due June 18th: You must give your exam data and final SLO score out of 20 to your administrator by 3pm on Tuesday, June 18th.  The only excepts are are for Chemistry and Geometry as those exams take place in the second week of exams (click here for a detailed description of the SLO calculation process that was developed collaboratively by GTA and Administration).
  • Exam Week Schedule and Proctoring Assignments: Click here for the schedule and assignments.
  • Bright Spots Wanted: During the last staff meeting (June 24th), we will have time to celebrate one another by sharing Bright Spots or accomplishments of our peers.  Please take the time to think about what you might be able to share about your co-workers.
  • Join us for Graduation: Please come on join us celebrate our graduating Seniors at 10 am on Saturday, June 2013.  This truly is an exciting day and you all deserve to be a part of this monuments event. The ceremony will be followed by a social gathering for all staff who would like to attend.

Nice to Know:

  • Brian Smith is once again the fastest student in the state.  He won the 200 meter dash this past weekend for both the division and the federation at the State Championship Meet.
  • Keith Pease broke a 12 year old school record in the 1600 meter race at the State Championship Meet as well.
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