Staff Update – Week 39 (6.3.2013)

We are now entering our last full week before exams.  I hope you had a restful weekend and are ready for the final push down the home stretch. Here are the things you need to know this week.
Up Coming Meetings:
  • June 3rd – AIT Meeting for June
  • June 4th – Final PLC Meeting of the Year 
  • June 11th & 18th – SLO Grading and Final Calculation
  • June 20th & 21st – All staff PD Days (part will be district-based, part building-based… details TBD)
  • June 24th – Final staff meeting of the year (am only)
  • June 25th – Half day, checkout for the summer
Action Required for Teachers of Seniors – Please stop in the 12th Grade Unit Office to document the following information on our Senior Jeopardy Spreadsheet: 
  • Name of the course the Senior is failing
  • If the Senior needs the course to graduate (ask Susan, Milli of Deidre if you do not know)
  • The date parent or guardian received communication regarding the failure
  • Any opportunity that may remain (for grad requirement only)
  • Your signature
Need to Know:
  • Year End APPR Meetings – Over the next three weeks we will be conducting our year end meetings.  Our goal is that these meetings are around 30 minutes or less.  However, if you have more than 1-2 pieces of evidence you will need to schedule longer than the 30 minutes.
  • SLO Post Tests and Calculation – Click here for details on the year end SLO process. Remember you can not grade your own SLO post tests.  Please work with a partner from your PLC on the grading.  If you need help see Amy McCabe, any of the teacher leaders or administrators.  Once yoru post tests are graded you can calculate your own SLO score out of 20 using the SLO scale.
  • Attending Graduation – Graduation is on Saturday, June 22nd at 10 am.  Please consider joining us as we celebrate 4 years of hard work for the over 300 Seniors who are graduating. Let Melanie know if you can make it.
  • Exam Proctoring and Grading – The final proctoring schedule will be emailed from Jackie later this week.  It will also be posted on the blog.
  • AIT Meeting Topics – Monday, AIT will be deciding on several building wide topics including the structure and placement of Advisements, the development of a leadership stipend proposal and the PBIS committees proposed Collective Commitments for next year.  This is your last chance for input on these topics.  We will meet in 272 from 2-3:30.
  • Locker Clean Out – Details on when lock clean out will be sent out in a later email and on the announcements
Nice to Know:
  • Track Team Headed to State Championship Meet – We have 6 Track and Field athletes who are going to the State Championship meet next weekend.  Victoire Kothar in the Shot Put, Brian Smith in the 100m and 200m, Keith Pease in the 1600m and the boys 4x400m relay with Alex Wiegand, Julio Santos, Brian Smith, Keith Pease and Calvary Rodgers (from Odyssey, we have a joint team).
  • Instrumental Concert – Monday at 7pm in the APAC is the Spring Instrumental Concert.
  • Senior Recitals – Tuesday is the Select Choir Senior Recital, Thursday is the Women’s Choir Senior Recital in the APAC.
  • Senior Banquet and Bash: Join us if you can.  For details, see Alexandra or Nicole
  • PD Sessions on June 20 & 21 – We will have several sessions during these two days for those not invovled in District based PD. These sessions will be related to a variety of topics including the Olweus Anti Bully Program, the CCLS Odell Units, the development of a CCLS Unit on Close Reading that can be used in September in your class that is based on Essential Learning Standards your PLC developed on this year. If you are interested in helping plan any of these sessions see Jason.
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