Staff Update – Week 37

This time of year our work becomes very challenging.  Many of our students do not seem to want to learn.  Abraham Lincoln once said, “I am slow to learn and slow to forget that which I have learned.  My mind is like a piece of steel; very hard to scratch anything on it and almost impossible after you get it there to rub it out.” This perspective on learning reminds me of many of our students.  It is natural for the learning process to be challenging.  However, when learning occurs, the mind is changed forever.  The work we are engaged in is very tough.  However, every day, when you help “scratch” the learning into the “steel” of your students brains, you are changing their lives forever.  Thank you for doing this every day.

Tuesday Meetings: Here are the tentative dates of the staff meetings for the remainder of the year.

  • May 21st – Department Meeting
  • May 28th – Staff Meeting (Senior Reflective Conferences, PD Committee on CCLS, PBIS Committee)
  • June 4th – Department (PLC & RtI Reflection for Year
  • June 11 & 18 – SLO Grading, Tabulation and Reporting
  • June 24 – Year End Meeting, Celebration and other Topics

Need to Know:

  • SLO Post Tests – If your class ends in a Regents or District Exam, that will be your SLO Post Test. If your class does not end in a Regents or District Exam you must give the SLO post test during the last week of school,.  Let Melanie know what test and how many you need.
  • PBIS Committee Feedback – Based on the feedback collective regarding behavior concerns the the PBIS Committee is gathering input on potential strategies we could all commit to doing to tackle the issue of respect and behavior.  Please complete the survey that was in your mailbox today.
  • Awards Ceremony – This Thursday at 7 pm we hold our annual Awards Ceremony in the APAC.  If you can make it to help us celebrate these incredible students, they would really appreciate it.
  • Ice Cream Tickets – Please make sure you give out the Ice Cream Tickets to students who exemplify “Trojan Pride”. Also, please share with me who you gave them to and why… so I can share it out.

Nice to Know:

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