Staff Update – Week 35

Here are a few of the things to keep in mind as we head down the homestretch.

Upcoming Tuesday Meetings:

  • May 7 – Focus Meeting (Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week with Pizza from Marks and Beverages from the PTSA)
  • May 14 – PLC Meeting
  • May 21 – Department Meeting
  • May 28 – Focus Meeting

Need to Know:

  • 35 Week Progress Report – Friday May 10th is the 5 week point for the 4th Quarter.  Please make sure your grades are inputed on time.
  • Hallway Presence – Please make sure you are in the hall between classes to help with monitoring student behavior.  This is a great way to greet students as they enter and help maintain order in the building.
  • At Risk Students – There should be no surprised parents! If a student is at risk of failing your class you need to communicate this to the parents. Remember, an email is only effective communication if you hear back.  A phone call is only effective communication if you speak to a parent.  Messages get erased.
  • Ignition Mentors – After several years of fantastic leadership, Mike and Lisa are stepping down.  If you are interested in this stipend supported position please let me know by Friday.

Nice to Know:

Upcoming Events:

  • May 6th – Greece Youth Hall of Fame Ceremony at the Town Hall
  • May 8th – Budget Hearing
  • May 9th – Art Show at the Mall
  • May 9th – NHS Induction
  • May 10th – Junior Prom
  • May 15th – The 80’s Dance (BJ & Carol’s Students)
  • May 18th – The Senior Ball
  • May 23rd – Awards Ceremony
  • May 29th – Science Research Symposium
  • May 30th – Spring Concert
  • May 31 – Senior Reflective Conferences
  • June 3rd – Senior Instrumental Concert
  • June 4th – Select Choir Senior Recital
  • June 6th – Women’s Choir Senior Recital
  • June 7th – Senior Banquet & Bash
  • June 20th – Greece Athlete of the Year at the Town Hall
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