Twenty Two Thousand, by: Emilyn Nguyen

The week, Emilyn Nguyen was honored for a poem she composed and submitted to the Sokol High School Literary Awards through the Rochester Public Library.  Her poem was selected as a finalist.  Offer congratulations to Emilyn is you see her. Here is her poem.

Twenty Two Thousand, by: Emilyn Nguyen

They don’t know about the lives of Seven Billion
They hide in shadow of mud bricks.
Silenced by the drum of their state,
forgotten until voiced.
They dorft know about the lives of Seven Billion –
Those yearning to cry While dehydration overcomes their souls.
Those lost and starved, of their own being.
Those cold bodies of innocence: brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers.
Fields scarce,
bones exposed,
aching muscles,
deprived people,
because of Mother Nature’s mistakes.
Dry lands play antagonists in an eerie state of mind-
There’s n0 fertile soil to grow a. seed.
No faith to harness a heart in an arid niche.
Motherhood of Sixty Pour Million have deserts perched upon their skin –
rough and dry, as it aches.
Her chest tightens with fear.
Hunger overcomes her deteriorating body.
She places her hand over a bump forming on her stomach.
She prays for the life Within her.
Innocence of Two Million have cupped hands –
savoring water as it falls.
Enlightened by a loaf of bread,
they take it in crumb by crumb,
Ants, they are…
Children, they are.
Battles fought by Four Million –
on their of withered plants.
Famine for the hungry.
Death by the million.
Twenty Two Thousand by the day.
Crucifixion of protagonist lives.
Devotion of Motherhood:
Stoic for her children;
Unwìlling to raise a White flag.
The clean hands of empty children,
in the embrace of their mothers:
             A flower grew.
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