Staff Update – Week 33

Quote to Ponder: “On some level, schools know ‘what is essential’.’ But we don’t clarify or reinforce our priorities as often or as passionately as we should.

This quote from Focus, by Mike Schmoker, reminds me of the ongoing need to align everything we do to the essentials.  We tend to have a lot thrown our way by the state, external pressures and by our own colleagues.  It is imperative that we continue to look for ways to ensure that we reflect on, refine and align our practice to what we know is essential.   As we continue to learn more about the APPR, the CCLS, PBIS, RtI and PLC, we must look for ways to ensure that we do not lose sight of that fact that each of these initiatives is designed to align our practices with what we know works to help all students learn at high levels.  The work we are doing is literally life changing fort the students we teach each and every day.  This work matters.  Thank you for your ongoing commitment to each and every student.

Need to Know:

  • Tuesday Staff Meeting: This week we will meeting PLC’s/Departments (information will come from your teacher leader).  The following week will be our final KRA meeting.
  • APPR Data Updates: In your mailboxes you received your 3rd Quarter credit accrual rates.
  • DWI Assembly Date Change: The DWI assembly will be on May 2nd and all Juniors and Seniors attending prom or ball will be required to attend during Advisement.
  • APPR Data Update Regarding the Local 20 Points: As you know 20% of our APPR score for this year is based on our credit accrual rate.  We will all earn the same score out of 20 based on how much higher or lower our credit accrual rate is compared with last years rate of 94%. The conversion chart (click here to view) is what will be used to determine our score out of 20. Our current building credit rate for the 3rd quarter was a 94%.  This would translate to 11 out of 20 on the conversion chart. For comparative purposes building wide credit accrual rate of 95% would equal 15 points.

Nice to Know:

  • Student Entrepreneurs Honored: The Young Entrepreneurs Academy had its Investor Panel this week and every one of our students that presented where selected to be funded.  Abhinov Garg and Nick Arieno’s business was we selected to advance to the Scholarship Competition next week.  Click here for more info.
  • Julia Mullane and Former Student Honored at RIT: Former student Jenna Hoffman was honored at RIT as an Outstanding Scholar.  Each honoree was aloud to select and honor the teacher who had the greatest impact on them.  Congrats to Julia for this incredible honor. Click here for article.
  • Committee Members Needed: The PBIS Committee and the Professional Development Committee will be needing more members.  Both of these committees are sub committees under AIT and are working on critically important components of our school improvement process.  If you are interested in joining one of them let me know.  We are always looking for more people.
  • Track Team Update: Click here to checkout the fantastic accomplishments of our team this week.
  • Have Something to Share? If you have a bright spot or a club/team update, send it to me and I will included it in these emails.

Have a great weekend.

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